Tips to Get Civil Engineering Internships Abroad: A Complete Guide 

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civil engineering Internships

To start a successful career as a student of civil engineering, you need to get practical experience. Internships are among the finest methods to accomplish this. However, choosing the best internship program for you can be difficult due to the abundance of possibilities accessible. Civil engineering internships give you a chance to network professionally with business leaders and also help you develop good relationships for future employment chances. This article will discuss the value of civil engineering internships, the best civil engineering internship programs, and how to locate and apply for them.

Types of Internship Programs in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering internships offer practical experience and exposure to real-world projects, both of which are beneficial in the post-graduation job search. Now that we understand the importance of internships, let’s look at the types of civil engineering internship programs:

  • Private Sector Internships
  • Government and Public Sector Internships
  • International Internship Opportunities
  • Nonprofit and Research Organizations

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Top Countries For Civil Engineering Internships

Here we have mentioned some of the top countries for civil engineering internships.

civil engineering Internships

Top Highest Paid Civil Engineering Internships Abroad 

There are various types of civil engineering internships abroad; here we have listed a few of the best and highest-paid civil engineering internships abroad:

Civil Engineer 1 – Sewer

Salary$36.89 – $46.49 an hour
ProvidersPierce County Washington
Requirements Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering

As a student of civil engineering, this kind of internship can help you become a part of an amazing team that works on projects involving the preservation and enhancement of sewer systems from inception to design and construction management. This is an excellent opportunity for an entry-level engineering employment, and the internship program will teach you how to produce high-quality designs. Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering who are in their final quarter or semester of study will be given consideration. Both paid and unpaid internships count toward experience.

Heavy Civil Field Engineering Intern

Salary Tuition Reimbursement program 
Benefits Medical/Extended Health Care, Dental, Vision and/or Provincial MedicalWellness Benefits & Employee Assistance Program
Requirements CAD Program and Bachelors or higher degree.
Location North America

This offer has numerous intriguing features, aside from the prerequisites of an undergraduate degree in civil engineering and basic proficiency with CAD programs, which are necessary for interning at Flatiron Construction in Calgary, Canada.

CEMEX Intern

Salary$36,000 – $52,000 a year
Requirements Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering or any engineering field
Location Miami, FL

This 10-week summer internship blends structured learning opportunities with on-the-job training. As an intern, you will have the chance to work with the project team on initiatives that are intended to give you excellent networking and professional development opportunities as well as practical, first-hand experience in the construction business. Health insurance, dental insurance, retirement plan, vision insurance and employee assistance program are among the benefits packages that come with these internships.

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Civial Engineer

Salary$35,000 – $83,000 a year
ProvidersUS Department of the Air Force
Requirements A Bachelor’s or higher degree.
Location Laughlin AFB, TX

This is another paid internship opportunity in civil engineering available to international students who have a strong desire to pursue a career in the field. Enrolling in this program, however, will give you the knowledge and talents needed to carry out increasingly serious jobs in the field. As a result, the impressive experience ought to have demonstrated the same kind of capabilities or aptitudes required to carry out the duties of the profession.

Microbial Corrosion and 2D Materials

Salary$65,000 – $88,000 a year
ProvidersSouth Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Requirements A Doctoral Degree, and a Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering.
Location South Dakota

Are you proficient in conducting tests for DC and AC electrochemistry, 2D material synthesis, and microbiologically affected corrosion? You should apply for this internship.The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is offering an internship program to train Research Scientists II. But using omics methods, this internship in civil engineering investigates the molecular underpinnings of how sulfate biofilms of sulfate-reducing bacteria react to carefully tailored 2D coverings. As a researcher, you will mentor the juniors with your expertise. Furthermore work in tandem with team members, and make contributions to grant submissions and academic articles.

Transportation Engineer 1

Salary $73,423 – $90,297 a year
ProviderState of Connecticut – Department of Transportation
Requirements Land Surveyor (LS) licensure or Professional Engineer (PE) licensure, Land Surveyor-In-Training (LSIT) licensure or Engineer-In-Training (EIT) licensure.
Location New Haven, CT

Are you a student of civil engineering who wants to assemble a group of experienced engineers while you’re still in school? Think about applying for this paid internship after that. This is one of the international student internships in civil engineering that will enable you to network with building industry experts. Engaging with these experts can influence the course of your career.

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Career Opportunities for Civil Engineers During Internship

In the below-given picture, you can explore the various career opportunities during your civil engineering internship program.

civil engineering Internships

Pros and Cons of Civil Engineering Internships Abroad

If you want to alter the way we perceive the world, a career in civil engineering is a great choice. In addition, obtaining an internship in civil engineering overseas broadens your career prospects by providing access to opportunities that you might not otherwise have. It’s critical to consider the advantages and disadvantages of doing an engineering internship overseas before deciding on a civil engineering career, regardless of your motivations.

Pros Cons 
Innovation and creative problem-solvingYou may not get much free time
Internships almost always pay and pay wellMost internships are competitive
It looks good on your resume after graduationcivil engineering takes a lot of hard work and long days

How to Apply For Civil Engineering Summer Internships?

You must conduct research and identify the internship programs that best suit you before applying for summer internships in civil engineering. 

  • You can apply for internships through your school’s co-op program, you can also go through the internships websites like, and use social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin to find chances.
  • Additionally, you can check out careers at a few of the best civil engineering construction sites and look for open internships.
  • Once you’ve listed down your options and selected a program, you can submit an application for the internship by completing the form.
  • The majority of firms demand that applicants submit a cover letter, official transcripts, and a letter from your school requesting an internship.

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Q1: What are the Best Summer Internships for Civil Engineering Students?

Ans: Here is a list of Internship for Civil Engineering Students 
Civil Engineer 1 – Sewer
Civial Engineer
Civil Engineer VI (SR-28)
GE Renewable Energy Engineering Internship (EID, EEDP) – Summer
Transportation Engineer 1
CEMEX Intern
Undergraduate Internship/Co-op Program – Information and Data Management Officer
Civil Engineer, Land Development (2+ Years) 
Microbial Corrosion and 2D Materials
Heavy Civil Field Engineering Intern

Q2: Which country is best for civil engineering?

Ans: The US, UK, Australia, and Singapore are the top nations for civil engineering. They are well known for providing highly esteemed and prestigious programs in civil engineering. International students looking to pursue high-quality education in this profession frequently choose to study in these nations.

Q3: How can I go abroad after civil engineering?

Ans: In foreign universities, the MS in Civil Engineering curriculum lasts one to two years. Applications for this program are open to anybody with a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a related field and some understanding of design and construction. Students must sit for any of the well-known tests, such as the GRE, PTE, and IELTS.

This was all about civil engineering internships. If you want to read about more such blogs on internships, follow the Jobs Abroad page and stay tuned with Leverage Edu

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