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pharmacist salary in usa

The USA provides a good market for the healthcare industry. The country has an aging population and the need for medication management is increasing leading to demand for pharmacist professionals. The country does not only have a high demand for pharmacists but also provides them with good growth opportunities and hefty pay. More importantly, the job comes with job security and is recession-proof. Through this blog, let’s read in detail about the salary of a pharmacist in the USA.


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Average Pharmacist Salary In USA

The average salary of a pharmacist in USA is 127,600 USD. The averages based on monthly, along with the highest and lowest salaries are given below:

Average annual salary 127,600 USD
Highest annual salary199,700 USD
Lowest annual salary63,800 USD
Average monthly salary16,641 USD
Highest annual salary10,633 USD
Lowest monthly salary5,316 USD

The salary can vary from the average, as the salary is decided based on several factors such as experience level, education, gender, etc.

Average Pharmacist Salary In USA Based On Experience Level

The years of experience have a very major effect on the salary. Employees with high experience are expected to earn higher salaries considering their expertise, skills, and knowledge. In the job of a Pharmacist, only 2 years of experience can fetch you 32% of a higher salary.

pharmacist salary in usa

Average Pharmacist Salary In USA Based On Gender

The difference in the pharmacist’s salary persists based on gender in many countries. Though the role of men and women has been tried to be made equal through various efforts in terms of salary, work hours, etc there are still some minor differences yet to be removed.

The average pay of a female in the pharmacist role is 5% less than that of a male.

Male 130,500 USD
Female 123,800 USD

Average Pharmacist Salary In USA Based On Sector

The private and public sectors have differences in pay to the employees. In the role of pharmacist, the private sector is likely to pay around 6% of lesser salary when compared to the public sector.

Public sector98,800 USD
Private sector93,100 USD

Average Pharmacist Salary In USA Based On Education Level

The level of education plays a very important role in the determination of salary levels. A higher level of education earns you a higher amount of salary in all fields. In the job role of a pharmacist, master’s degree employees earn approximately 58% of a higher salary compared to the employees with a bachelor’s degree. 

pharmacist salary in usa

Pay Raise And Bonus On Pharmacist Salary In USA

The bonus percentage seen in the industry ranges between 3% to 6%. It is a moderate bonus-based job and around 57% of the total employees reported receiving of bonus in 12 months.

The increment or the increase in pay in this job is more compared to other jobs in the same industry. The pay raise is calculated to be around 8%. This means the employees are expected to get an increment on their salary of 8% every 12 months. However, the pay raise depends on the performance of the employee and can vary based on employee and employer.

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Pharmacist Salary In USA Compared In Different Cities

The average salary also differs based on different cities, to get a clear comparison some of the salaries and cities are mentioned below:

City Salary 
Austin 134,700 USD
Boston 130,500 USD
Chicago 140,200 USD
Cleveland 109,000 USD
Denver 123,000 USD
Dallas 139,100 USD
Cincinnati 102,700 USD
Bristol 103,600 USD
Baltimore 125,400 USD
Atlanta 118,900 USD
New York146,700 USD
Los Angeles 151,800 USD

Pharmacist Salary In USA Compared To Other Professions

Through the help of the following table, a better comparison can be made of the salary of a pharmacist to that of other professions in the healthcare industry.

Profession Salary 
Pharmaceutical manager 218,700 USD
Pharmaceutical research scientist182,400 USD
Pharmaceutical sales manager172,300 USD
Pharmaceutical team leader 130,400 USD
Pharmaceutical technologist 96,400 USD
Pharmacy manager168,700 USD
Pharmacy stock controller 73,200 USD
Staff pharmacist 125,400 USD
Pharmaceutical project manager 127,600 USD
Pharmaceutical quality auditor 139,100 USD


Are pharmacists in demand in the USA?

The pharmacists are in high demand in the USA considering the aging population of the country. There is always a gradual need for medication management in the country, opening up several jobs for pharmacists. 

How is the job and salary of a pharmacist in the USA?

The job provides stability and job security to the employees. There is immense growth in the industry and the career is highly reputed. The average pay is also comparatively very good when compared to similar jobs in the same profession.

Do private and public sectors have salary differences for the pharmacist’s job? 

Yes, the public sector and private sector have differences in average salary. The public sector has around 6% higher pay compared to the private sector for the job of a pharmacist.

This was a complete detailed outline of the salary of a Pharmacist in the USA. To read more such blogs and to know more about such salary or job-related content, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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