Ultimate Guide for Marine Engineer Salary in United States 2024

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Marine Engineer Salary in United States

To become a marine engineer is the dream of many people. As the increasing demand for marine engineers in the United States provides a good company with multiple job openings, This job growth depends largely on the growth of the shipping and naval industries. In the United States, some firms are willing to give employees on-the-job training programs. It is a broad path and offers a variety of different career choices with various top companies. If you are planning to kick-start your career in the marine industry and want to know the average marine engineer salary in the United States, We have come up with an updated guide for you. To learn more, read this complete article. 


What is the Average Marine Engineer Salary in US?

The field of Marine Engineering in the US offers a range of earning potential. On average, Marine Engineers take home an annual salary of 79,500 USD, which comes out to roughly 6,625 USD per month. However, this can vary significantly. Some entry-level positions might start as low as 40,700 USD annually (3,391 USD monthly), while highly experienced professionals can reach salaries as high as 123,800 USD per year (10,316 USD monthly).

The experience and capabilities of the applicant are among the many aspects that affect the income of a marine engineer. Marine engineers with more experience are paid more than those with less experience because of their knowledge and competence.

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Marine Engineer Salary in US Based On Experience Level 

The company’s level of experience and skill sets affect the average compensation of a marine engineer. Based on experience level, the typical income for a marine engineer is provided below.

Marine Engineer Salary in United States

Marine Engineer Salary in US Based On Education Level 

Education level has an impact on the average wage of marine engineering degree holders. A master’s degree is typically chosen by companies for higher-paying, higher-level job descriptions.

Education Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s Degree57,200 USD
Master’s Degree100,700 USD

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Marine Engineer Salary in US Based On Organisation 

Here, you can explore the average income of a marine engineer based on some of the top-paying organizations in the United States. 

Organisation Average Salary Per Year 
Marine Engineers’ Beneficial Association112,117 USD
Military Sealift Command108,186 USD
Crowley132,140 USD
US Marine Corps98,383 USD
Emprise Corporation121,740 USD
Glosten146,340 USD
US Navy104,045 USD
Alion99,197 USD
Landy Energy Services114,187 USD
Chevron190,556 USD 
Life Cycle Engineering106,209  USD 
Gibbs & Cox11,649 USD 
ExxonMobil157,543 USD 
Serco Group97,388 USD
Transocean1347,400 USD
CACI International120,812 USD 
Hiller Companies98,557 USD 
Seadrill115,625 USD 

Marine Engineer Salary in US Based On Cities 

The cities in the United States offer a good salary range for marine engineers. Here we have added some of the best-paying cities in the United States. 

Marine Engineer Salary in United States

Marine Engineer Salary in US Based On  Positions 

There are various jobs available for male engineers with a decent salary. Here we have found a few of the best job options for marine engineers in the United States

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Marine Technician65,000 USD
Surveyor70,000 USD
Engineer101,190 USD
Superintendent93,765 USD
Project Engineer87,109 USD
Naval Architect99,937 USD
Marine Chief Engineer1,50,736 USD
Civil Engineer94,031 USD
Marine Service Engineer99,911 USD
Naval Architect1,40,888 USD
Director of Operations110,000 USD
Service Technician48,750 USD
Operations Specialist51,819 USD
Mechanic52,649 USD
Automation Engineer106,856 USD
Risk Analyst97,610 USD
Intelligence Analyst95,064 USD
Customer Service Representative32,295 USD

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Which US Engineer has the highest salary?

Aerospace, petroleum, and computer hardware engineers are the highest paid engineers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information on the number of jobs and average salaries.

Which country pays the highest salary for marine engineers?

Marine engineering is among the top 10 engineering majors in terms of pay in the US, making it a profitable career choice. According to ZipRecruiter, the average yearly compensation for junior marine engineers in the US is $72,767.

What are the top 3 hardest engineering majors?

Based on some of the main areas of difficulty we’ve been considering, the “hardest” engineering majors include chemical, electrical, and aerospace engineering. Engineering disciplines like chemical and electrical involve higher abstraction levels.

Is Marine a good career?

Among the Service branches, the Marine Corps is special in that it offers intangible benefits. Along with competitive pay and benefits, Marines also enjoy the same lifestyle and health care as other members of the armed forces.

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