An Overview of Neuropsychologist Salary in US 2024: By Location & Experience

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neuropsychologist salary in us

A neuropsychologist must communicate with individuals of all ages and stages of life. Referrals from doctors provide them new patients. A neuropsychologist will be consulted if the patient’s primary care physician believes they may have a traumatic brain injury or another condition that affects brain function. Psychologists still have a promising career and wage outlook, and clinical neuropsychologists should expect to make even more money. To practice, most neuropsychologists require a license and a degree, just like other clinical psychologists. You may find information about employment growth and wage ranges in the United States on this page, along with a number of other factors influencing neuropsychologist salary in US. 

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What is the Average Neuropsychologist Salary in US?

According to the report of Indeed and Glassdoor, after research, we have concluded that the average annual salary of a neuropsychologist in the United States is around 205,700 USD, the average monthly salary is around 17,141 USD, the lowest annual salary is 98,300 USD, and the lowest monthly salary is 8,191 USD. On the other hand, the neuropsychologist can easily make the highest annual salary, which is around 318,800 USD, and the highest monthly salary is around 26,566 USD. 

Neuropsychologist Salary in US Based On Experience Level 

Here we have mentioned the level of experience that defines your range if you are working as a neuropsychologist in the United States. Check the below picture for more details. 

neuropsychologist salary in us

Neuropsychologist Salary in US Based On Education Level

We have mentioned the level of education that defines your range of pay in the United States if you are working as a neuropsychologist. 

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s degree39,500 USD
Master’s degree70,800 USD 
PhD118,000 USD

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Neuropsychologist Salary in US Based On Organisation 

The type and nature of the organization that you are working with as a neuropsychologist also determine the range. Here we have mentioned the organization’s salary range: 

Organisation Average Salary Per Year
Thomson Memory & Attention1,56,380 USD
State of Connecticut1,72,274 USD
WakeMed Health and Hospitals1,76,636 USD
UC Health1,79,247 USD
Midwestern Neuropsychology1,61,226 USD
National Government Services1,49,988 USD
Child Mind Institute1,62,613 USD
Kaiser Permanente1,38,259 USD
Northwell Health1,55,738 USD
Shepherd Center1,65,999 USD
Cleveland Clinic1,75,510 USD
US Department of Veterans Affairs1,42,518 USD
Thomson Memory & Attention1,38,826 USD
Baylor Scott & White Health1,69,723 USD
NYU Langone Health1,77,624 USD
Private Practice1,64,332 USD
Texas Children’s Hospital156,479 USD
Brown University106,107 USD

Neuropsychologist Salary in US Based On Cities

The cities in the United States also define the range of your salary. We have mentioned the latest update on neuropsychologist salaries in the United States based on cities. 

neuropsychologist salary in us

Neuropsychologist Salary in US Based On Positions 

Here we have also mentioned a few of the best professionals who are related to neuropsychologists in the United States: 

Job Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Neuropsychologist122,547 USD 
Research Psychologist 115,431 USD 
Behavior Analyst82,500 USD 
Sports Therapist84,509 USD
Psychotherapist84,892 USD
Health Psychologist 104,873 USD 

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Q1: Where do neuropsychologists get paid the most?

San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA – mean annual wage of 136,210 USD
Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, CA – mean annual wage of 132,150 USD
Sacramento–Roseville–Arden-Arcade, CA – mean annual wage of 121,360 USD
Vallejo-Fairfield, CA – mean annual wage of 126,850 USD

Q2: Is there scope for neuropsychology?

Jobs for neuropsychologists can be found in a variety of locations, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private practices, colleges and universities, medical offices, and law firms.

Q3: Who earns more than a psychologist or neuropsychologist?

The average yearly salary for neuropsychologists in the United States was 94,130 USD, which is approximately 14% higher than that of psychologists, according to Payscale.

Q4: What are the highest paid doctors in the US?

Physicians who specialize in neurosurgery are the highest compensated; their average annual compensation is 788,313 USD. This is predicated on the results of Doximity’s 2023 Physician Compensation Report, which polled over 190,000 US licensed physicians regarding their pay.

This was all about neuropsychologist salaries in the United States. For more such articles on salary, follow Jobs Abroad on the Leverage Edu site. 

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