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highest paying jobs in italy

Working in a different country can give you a broader view and with this, it also enhances your capacity to work. Italy provides jobs in different sectors as the economy of Italy is quite different. Italy is rapidly growing in areas like fashion, design, cars, food, tourism, finance and technology which leads to many job opportunities throughout Italy. Getting a job in Italy is like a golden opportunity as Italy is one of the best places to work. In this article, we will learn about the highest paying jobs in Italy, the best sites to search for jobs in Italy etc.


Benefits of Working In Italy

You can get multiple benefits while working in Italy along with highest paying jobs in Italy and some of the benefits are described below-

  • Contributions In Social Security are necessary to understand that not paying into social security is against the rules in Italy and both employers and employees have to pay into social security, with rates of around 30 per cent and 10 per cent.
  • The bonus of Holiday– including a bonus payment on Christmas and another one during summer, known as the 13th and 14th month’s salaries.in Italy, employees receive 14 salary payments each year in place of 12 salaries.
  • Annual Leave Benefits– In Italy, workers get paid for four weeks of paid vocational leave and 12 public holidays which are paid.
  • Sick Leave-In Italy it is necessary for the employer to pay for the three initial days of sick leave and after the third day, the Istituto Nazionale della Previdenza pays the employee
  • Maternity Leave- In Italy female employees get leave which is for five months two months before and three months after the birth of the baby and this is paid at 80 per cent of the employee’s salary by INPS via employer.
  • Overtime Pay– working hours in Italy is 40 hours per week which means eight hours per day. an employee can work for only 48 hours per week with overtime and according to Italian law, an employer must pay for the overtime to the employee as mentioned in the CBA and contract.
  • Paternity Leave- Male employees in Italy get paid paternity leave.new fathers get 10 days of paternal leave and it can be used up consecutively or non-consecutively by the employee.
  • Accident Insurance– The insurance policies and claim payments are managed by INAIL. Employers have to pay insurance amounts for their employees to cover accidents and injuries employees get while he/she is on duty.

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List of Best Highest Paying Jobs In Italy

For people who are interested in moving to Italy some of the highest paying jobs in Italy  are mentioned below for reference-

highest paying jobs in italy

Surgeons-Italy provides some of the high paying job opportunities in the medical profession. If you are a practising surgeon, migrate to Italy and continue your profession, the medical profession provides you with great opportunities. if you are a special surgeon instead of a general surgeon you can earn more in Italy.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Surgeons103,000 Euro-174,000 Euro

Lawyers– Lawyers are on the second rank in terms of earnings in Italy and the judicial rules are unique in Italy. If you want to work in Italy as a Lawyer then you have to train for some time to familiarise yourself with the laws in Italy.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Lawyers36,000 Euro

Bank Managers-You will be amazed to know that Bank Careers in Italy are lucrative if you want to work in the banking sector then moving to Italy is a great option. Intesa Sanpaolo, Unicredit and Cassa Depositi e Prestiti are some of the banks in Italy which provide the best jobs in Italy.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Bank Managers156,000 Euro

Marketing Directors– While some of the lucrative career choices for freshers in Italy are copywriters and marketing executives, if you work hard and get the position of Marketing Director who is a corporate official on a high level who manages all the marketing operations of a company then you can earn good pay.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Marketing Directors91,983 Euro

Italian Language Teacher- If you have good skills in reading, writing and speaking Italian then there are good opportunities for you to earn a good salary in Italy per month.

JobAverage Annual Salary
Italian Language Teacher75,000 Euro

University Professors- As per the numbers university professors do not get paid that highly but this job is rewarding as you will be training and teaching some of the brilliant students in Europe. If you are coming to Italy with some prior experience then you can earn more.

JobAverage Annual Salary
University Professors122,400 Euro

English Teacher: Italy provides many job opportunities for an English Teacher and if you are a native English speaker then getting a job becomes easier. You can work as a part-time English teacher also.

JobAverage Annual Salary
English Teacher1000 Euro-1,500 Euro

University Teaching Assistants– Doing a job in Italy as a University Assisting teacher can give your CV a boost. In case you are a postgraduate, MPhil, or PhD research aspirant studying at an Italian university in this condition you can apply for a part-time job as a teaching assistant.

JobAverage Annual Salary
University Teaching Assistants44.091 Euro

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Best Sites To Search For Jobs In Italy

To search for a job abroad some of the best websites are given below-


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What job has the highest salary in Italy?

In Italy, the highest-paid professions are typically in technology, engineering, finance and medicine.

Is it expensive to live in Italy?

Italy is ranked as the 4th cheapest country in Western Europe. Living in Italy is not that expensive to live. Italy is one of the cheapest countries to live in.

Which job is easy to get in Italy?

There are some sectors which hold ample job opportunities in Italy including textile, steel, agriculture, cars and tourism and 33 per cent of job vacancies still need to be filled across the country, meaning there is ample opportunity to find a good job.

Here we end with our article on the highest paying jobs in Italy to get more information about jobs abroad, universities and visas abroad do follow Leverage Edu’s page.

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