Secure Your Future & Your Salary: A Guide to Cyber Security Engineer Salary  in Germany

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Cyber Security Engineer Salary in Germany

One of the well-known places to begin your cyber security path is Germany. There are several work options in the cyber security sector in Germany, a country home to many of the leading computer corporations. People who work in the field of cyber security engineering need to know how much money these professionals make. Your skill level, areas of expertise, and place of employment are just a few factors that can affect your salary. We will guide you through the starting salary of a cyber security engineer and how it increases based on various aspects throughout this entire article.


How Much Does a Cybersecurity Engineer Make in Germany?

The cybersecurity field offers a competitive salary range in Germany. On average, cyber security engineers earn 49,200 EUR annually, which translates to a monthly average of 4,100 EUR. However, this can vary depending on experience and specialization. Entry-level positions might start as low as 22,660 EUR per year (1,888 EUR monthly), while highly experienced or specialized professionals can command top salaries exceeding 80,340 EUR annually (6,695 EUR monthly). This significant range highlights the potential for career growth and increased earning potential within the cybersecurity field in Germany.

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Cyber Security Engineer Salary in Germany Based On Experience Level 

Based on experience level, we have computed the average wage for cyber security engineers in Germany.

Cyber Security Engineer Salary in Germany

Cyber Security Engineer Salary in Germany Based On Education Level 

The level of education of a cyber security engineer is also determined by their level of experience. We have computed the data of a cyber security engineer by their level of experience:

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Certificate or Diploma45,000 EUR 
Bachelor’s Degree65,200 EUR 
Master’s Degree78,500 EUR 

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Cyber Security Engineer Salary in Germany Based On Organisation

Based on the various top organizations in Georgia, we have companies that have the salary range for a cyber security engineer in Germany. 

Organisation Average Salary Per Year 
N2662,000 EUR
Check Point Software Technologies86,500 EUR 
Huawei Technologies60,000 EUR
Robert Bosch90,000 EUR 
Contentful83,000 EUR 
Trade Republic72,000 EUR 
Affinidi65,000  EUR 
NVIDIA81,500  EUR 
Siemens62,500 EUR 
Zalando81,500 EUR 
Vectra AI113,118 EUR 
BMW Group65,000 EUR 
Axel Springer51,500 EUR 
Adjust57,000 EUR 
GMV60,000 EUR 
MBition64,917 EUR 
Klarna72,000 EUR 
OPTIMA Business Information Technology105,000 EUR 
Google75,200 EUR 
Deloitte78,000 EUR 

Cyber Security Engineer Salary in Germany Based On  Cities 

The income of a cyber security engineer varies greatly depending on companies and locales, providing a nuanced view of regional compensation trends.

Cyber Security Engineer Salary in Germany

Cyber Security Engineer Salary in Germany Based On Job Role

The compensation of a cyber security engineer is associated with several popular occupations. Let’s look at the salaries of cyber security experts with varying backgrounds in each nation.

Job Roles Average Salary Per Year 
Staff Security Engineer3,48,000 EUR
IT Security Specialist6,53,482 EUR
Cybersecurity Analyst 6,31,998 EUR
Network Security Engineer7,28,549 EUR
Security Analyst6,59,061 EUR
Information Security Analyst6,73,309 EUR
Engineer47,272 EUR

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Q1: What is the scope of Cyber Security in Germany?

In Germany, obtaining a degree in cyber security might open up a number of career options. Graduates of this program work in government agencies, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, education, transportation and infrastructure, and law enforcement, among other fields.

Q2: How much does MS Cyber Security earn in Germany?

In Germany, the average annual income for cyber security is 70,651 EUR. In Germany, the average additional monetary compensation for cyber security falls between 8,068 EUR and 8,068 EUR.

Q3: Is Germany good for cyber security?

Germany is thought to be less equipped than other countries in Western Europe. Germany is ranked 22nd globally and 13th in Europe for its dedication to cyber security in the most recent ITU Global Cybersecurity Index.

Q4: What is the highest-paying IT job in Germany?

PayScale: Because Germany offers cutting-edge technology, software engineers and architects have the best paying jobs in the nation. For this position, the pay ranges from 40,000 EUR to 60,000 EUR.

That concludes our discussion regarding the pay scale for cyber security engineers in Germany. If you would like to read more articles like this one on salaries, you can follow Jobs Abroad and Leverage Edu.

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