6 Tips to Find Part Time Jobs in Galway 

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Part-Time Jobs Galway

Looking for a part-time jobs in Galway that will enable you to continue your education? Galway is a very culturally rich city. Galway parks are fantastic locations to hang out with friends in the summer, or you can find a quiet space next to the trees if you need some alone time to study. Some castles will transport you back to an era 800 years ago in Ireland. Every year, visitors flock to Galway. This means you are open to a wide range of employment opportunities. Many part-time work opportunities help students work and gain experience in their preferred job field. 

Average Part-time per hour wages 20 hours per week
Average Part time per hour wages €23.53 per hour.
Average Monthly Income €800 and €1,500 per month 

Tip 1: Prepare Your CV/ Resume 

Part Time Jobs in Galway 

You should start by writing your CV. Tailor your CV and cover letter for each job you are applying for. You can highlight your skills and experience that are relevant to the specific job.

In Leverage Edu, we support our students with essential, helpful material, including CV format and how to add personal details to a resume: dos and don’ts.

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Tip 2: Prepare For Interview 

part time jobs in Galway

Be prepared to answer common interview questions. Practice answering questions about your skills, experience, and why you are interested in the job.

After your interview, get in touch. Within 24 hours following the interview, write the interviewer a thank-you note.

Tip 3: Use Job Portal for Part-time jobs

part time jobs in Galway

To begin your job hunt, utilize job boards online such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster, which are excellent resources. To find part-time jobs that suit you well, you may refine your search results by area, work type, and other factors.

These are great platforms that can also be used to look for job opportunities and build great networks.

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Tip 4: Consult with nearby companies

part time jobs in Galway

Keep an eye on Galway organizations or companies that you might be interested in working for. You can also visit company websites or social media accounts and apply online.

A lot of companies, including cafes, restaurants, and restaurant establishments, are providing part-time jobs.

Tip 5: Get a PPS Number

We guide students regarding the process of obtaining their Personal Public Service number. Every employee on the island of Ireland is required to have a personal reference number. 

It enables your employer to report your tax deductions and contributions to the Department of Social Protection and the Revenue Commissioners Office. This service is effective and simple to use, and it is provided without charge. After obtaining this, pupils are prepared to begin working!

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Tip 6: Understand the job titles first!

Before applying for part-time jobs, it is better to understand the role and responsibility. It can also add value to you if you have prior experience in the same job.

Here is a list of part time jobs in Galway. You can get ideas from the table below.

Job Positions Primary Duty Average Wages 
Cleaning OperativeTo keep Hygienic and clean Environments €11.30 an hour
Sales Assistant To help customers in buying goods and services €11.35 an hour
Part Time Retail AssistantTo deliver top-notch customer service and ensure a satisfying experience in shopping €22.6K–€26.4K a year
Barista Waiter/WaitressMakes delicious & speciality coffees€11.30–€12.30 an hour
Food Truck StaffMaking and serving food in a shop e.g. sandwiches  for lunchUp to €12 an hour
Customer Service/Office AssistantTo provide administrative, technical, and customer support to an organization.€250 a week
Kitchen Porter / CleanerCleans and helps in a hotel or restaurant kitchen.€12 an hour
Sales Representative/ Makeup ArtistTo assist clients in achieving the desired appearance and feel.€12-€22 an hour
Accommodation AssistantTo provide visitors with a tidy, cosy, and pleasurable stay.€22.6K–€26.3K a year

Eligibility Requirements for Part Time jobs in Galway

The following are the general requirements for being eligible to work part time in jobs at Galway:

  • Students need to be able to work legally. This implies that you either need to have a current Ireland work visa or be a citizen of the United Kingdom, the European Union, or Ireland.
  • The student must be at least 16 years old.
  • A student must have a valid study and work permit in Ireland.
  • A student must enrol in a full-time degree program at a reputed institution.
  • Students need to pass all required medical exams and background checks.

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Part Time Jobs in Galway for Students

There are several part-time Jobs in Galway for students. International students can apply for these jobs while studying in Ireland 

  • Office Administrator/Finance Part-time
  • Sales Assistant, Part Time
  • Lecturer
  • Student Placement – Test Engineer
  • County Librarian
  • Receptionist (Weekends)
  • Accommodation and Housekeeping Team member
  • Customer Service & Sales Advisor
  • Part-Time Supervisor
  • Retail Assistant
  • Project Worker (Social Care Services)


What is Galway’s minimum wage? 

Normally, wage negotiations take place after you receive a job offer. Nonetheless, the National Minimum Pay Act of 2000 guarantees a minimum pay to the majority of workers. The national minimum wage is set at €11.30 per hour as of January 1, 2023.

What is the minimum salary for foreign students in Ireland?

Ireland’s minimum pay for part-time work is between €10 and €12 per hour in places like Dublin and Cork. In Tier 2 cities like Limerick and places outside of Dublin, the minimum wage is between €8 and €9 per hour. In Ireland, the minimum wage is the starting point for taxation. 

What are the types of part-time jobs available in Galway?

There are a variety of part-time job openings in Galway. Students are eligible to work on campus and off campus.

What jobs are in high demand in Ireland?

Some of the jobs in high demand in Ireland are in these sectors: IT and Technology, Data Analytics, Food and Beverages, and Accounting and Finance. For example, Software Developer, Data Scientist, Food Scientist, and Accountant are among the highest-paid positions in the country. 

This was all about the Part time jobs in Galway. For more information about part time jobs in Ireland and the education system in Ireland, follow Leverage Edu.

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