What is A Cyber Security Salary Australia in 2024

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Cyber Security Salary Australia

The federal government of Australia has decided to invest $1.35 billion in cyber security resources in order to help increase cyber safety and encourage safer online activity among Australian users, in response to the skills deficit currently present in the country’s cyber security industry. According to CSIRO forecasts, as businesses prioritize investing in cyber security, the cyber security sector is expected to triple its income in the next ten years. 

Although the cyber security sector in Australia is still relatively new, it is expanding quickly. Indeed, entrepreneurs established 53% of the country’s cyber enterprises after 2015 In this blog, we will give you full details about the Cyber Security Salary in Australia. You can also find out what the latest job openings in the field of cyber security are and their average pay.

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Benefits of Cyber Security Jobs in Australia 

There are several benefits to doing jobs in the field of cyber security; here we have mentioned a few reasons below. 

  • Job security: Australia is severely lacking in skilled workers in this industry. Therefore, there will be a growing need for specialists on an annual basis. Furthermore, it was predicted that, there will be employee shortages close to 2 million worldwide by the end of 2022. This indicates that, in comparison to other career pathways, there is more job stability in this sector.
  • High salaries: In the IT industry, organizations pay higher salaries to professionals with specialized talents who are in high demand. The average yearly pay in Australia is continuously rising, with a range of $75,000 to $120,000.
  • Career opportunities: This subject opens up a wide range of professional options in the public and private sectors. Significant job chances and networking opportunities with professionals and peers can be obtained even with a postgraduate degree. You can also learn about the great uses of networking, which is an added benefit.
  • Work-study flexibility: Several Australian universities and vocational training centres offer flexible diploma and certificate programs in this area. These certificates or courses are ideal for overseas students who are self-supporting as well as working professionals. Furthermore, there are several kinds of foreign student housing options in Australia, which aids in the cause even more.
  • Post-study employment and PR: Finding a job after graduation is quite simple because this occupation is listed on the Medium & Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL) and the Short-Term Skill Occupation List (STSOL). Additionally, students are qualified to apply for PR or permanent residency. As overseas students are seeking degrees in Australia, they may also be able to find internships and employment opportunities, getting real-world experience along the way.

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Current Openings for Cyber Security in Australia

The below table gives you an idea of Cyber Security salary in Australia. You can also check the latest job opportunities in cyber security with location and average pay scale: 

Current Opening Location Average Salary 
Cyber Security OfficerMelbourneAU$100,000 – AU$101,000 per year
Cyber Security SpecialistBrisbane CBDAU$160,000 – AU$175,000 per year
Systems Engineer – Cyber SecurityMelbourne CBDAU$97,000 – AU$120,000 per year
Cyber Security OfficerAdelaide, South AustraliaAU$74,315 – AU$77,901 per year 
Cyber Security Project OfficerAdelaideAU$95,588 per year 
Cyber Security TechnicianAustraliaAU$87,712 – AU$92,057 per year  
Manager Cyber SecurityEast Perth, Western AustraliaAU$128,077 per year 

Cyber Security Jobs and Salaries in Australia 

Here is a list of cyber security job opportunities that pay you a high salary in Australia. 

Jobs Position Average Pay Scale 
Security Engineer$140,000
Risk Manager$139,432
Security Consultant$136,500
Network Engineer$116,555
Risk Analyst$116,352
Systems Analyst$108,499
IT Manager $70,000-$148,000
Forensic Computer Analyst $71,000-$119,000 
Senior security consultant $80,000-$155,000  
Senior Computer Scientist $98,000-$186,000 
Information Security Manager $99,000-$187,000 
Senior Cyber Intelligence Analyst $122,000-$156,000 

Top Companies for Cyber Security Jobs 

Here is a list of some of the top companies for cyber security jobs in Australia. 

Companies Average Pay Scale 
IBMA$68,000 -A$100,000
Commonwealth Bank of AustraliaA$200,000-A$200,000
KPMGA$100,000 -A$100,000
Bunnings WarehouseA$29 -A$31 hourly
SalesforceA$200,000 -A$300,000
Macquarie UniversityA$29 -A$31 hourly
ThalesA$68,000 -A$74,000
StocklandA$67,000 -A$73,000
HCLTechA$96,000 -A$100,000
CyberCXA$72,000 -A$78000
OneVueA$200,000 -A$200,000
Cyber Security AgencyA$67,000 -A$72,000

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How much money does cyber security make in Australia?

Australia has an average yearly compensation for cyber security workers of $127,286 (or $65.27 per hour). The average yearly salary for experienced workers is $171,575; entry-level roles start at $106,285 in this regard.

Is cyber security a good career in Australia?

Indeed. In 2021, the estimated worth of Australia’s cyber security market was US$4.6 billion. Moreover, it is expected to reach US$5.8 billion by 2024. The local cyber market is expanding by more than 8% a year.

What is the highest cyber salary?

Many top-paying cyber security positions typically earn anywhere from $100,000 to $200,000. Some senior-level jobs pay as much as $400,000 or more.

This was all about Cyber Security Salary Australia. For more such informative blogs on jobs that pay a high salary, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu. 

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