Highest Paying Jobs In Thailand For 2024 and 2025

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Highest Paying Jobs In Thailand

Thailand’s job market offers diverse opportunities, but some careers stand out for their lucrative salaries. In this blog, we will explore the highest paying jobs in Thailand, spanning various industries from technology to finance. Whether you are a local job seeker or an expatriate aiming for a high-income role, this guide will provide insights into the top professions that offer exceptional financial rewards in Thailand. Let’s dive into the article to learn about the highest paying jobs in Thailand and other aspects related to it.


Why You Should Work in Thailand?

Working in Thailand has many advantages. One of the major things which attracts an expatriate to Thailand is that the cost of living in Thailand is very low and the salaries are good. The average salary in Thailand is around 15,410 and there an employee gets 13 public holidays annually and sick leave of up to 30 days. Along with it, there are many benefits such as leave entitlements, sick leave, maternity and paternal leave, pensions and insurance etc and about all these benefits we will read below in this article.

Working Benefits in Thailand

Before exploring highest highest paying jobs in Thailand we first will explore some of the benefits of working in Thailand. Some of the benefits listed below which an employee gets in Thailand while working-

Leave Entitlements

Employees in Thailand get six days of additional annual leave only when they complete one year of service and their employees get 15 days paid holidays per year. Their annual leaves are not included in national holidays and Thailand has 16 National holidays.

Sick Leave

After the period of three days, the employer asks the employee for the medical certificate and employees there get 30 days of paid sick leave every year and with this additional sick leaves are unpaid.

Maternity and Paternity Leave

If any female employee is insured under the Thai Social Security Fund then they get maternity benefits such as a sum of payment on the birth of their child. female employee gets 50 per cent of their wages for the 98 days of leave.

Highest Paying Jobs In Thailand

Working Hours

In Thailand, The Ministry of Labour regulates the working hours for the employees as per the nature of the job and working conditions. the working hours must not exceed eight hours a week and if the working hours are extended then it must be done by the agreement. 

Pension Plans And Insurance

Thailand offers social security fund and worker’s compensation which employees get medical insurance that covers death, illness and injuries. Employee’s family members can also access hospitalisation benefits.

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Know About Highest Paying Jobs In Thailand

For the professionals who aspire to work in Thailand here is the list given below of the top 10 highest paying jobs in Thailand-

Buisness Development Director

A Business Development Director helps an organisation expand their reach and become more profitable. They take the lead in all business development efforts within the company. They also make decisions on and implement them regarding business development strategies and activities.

                JobTitleAverage Per Month Salary
Business Development Directors171,016 THB

Human Resource Manager

For people who are good communicators, organised and have corporate experience, a Human Resource Manager is a good choice to go for. They work to offer support to the employees and they also hire new talents for the company.

              JobTitleAverage Annual Salary
Human Resource Manager152,000 THB

Web Developer

Web Developers look after the website’s overall look and aspects of their work is to build and design websites for clients who are business owners and want to grow their online presence.

                JobTitleAverage Annual Salary
Web Developer82,500 THB


If someone is interested in teaching but wants to avoid dealing with the children then they can opt for the professorship.it is very obvious that to become a professor you need to have higher degrees.

                JobTitleAverage Annual Salary
Professors154,850 THB

Real Estate Agents

Anyone can build a career as a Real Estate Agent even if they have no experience in it. Basically, a Real Estate Agent helps others to buy their dream property and they also help people to sell off their property.

                JobTitleAverage Annual Salary
Real Estate Agents88,500 THB
Highest Paying Jobs In Thailand

Social Media Manager

In today’s world social media presence has become a major part of industries. Social Media Managers help the business by promoting their products and services on online platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

              JobTitleAverage Annual Salary
Social Media Manager98,100 THB

Software Manager

Software Managers help the team in the development, design, implementation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Software programs and applications. In Thailand, the tech industry is growing and the demand for Software Managers is increasing.

                          JobTitleAverage Annual Salary
Software Manager94,900 THB

Digital Marketing Manager

A Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for helping clients improve their social media presence and get good results from the campaign. Online advertisement, search engines, email, content creation all such things are a part of the wide range of digital marketing.

              JobTitleAverage Annual Salary
Digital Marketing137,000 THB


Collecting, analysing, recording and reporting of financial data of any organisation or of any individual is the main job of an Accountant. They make data-driven decisions.

                JobTitleAverage Annual Salary
Accountant101,000 THB

Energy And Resource Engineers

Energy And Resource Engineers basically identify opportunities for improvement by analysing energy usage. They develop systems and energy-efficient designs for buildings, equipment and processes.

              JobTitleAverage Annual Salary
Energy And Resource Engineers                    88,500 THB

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Best Sites To Search For The Jobs In Thailand

Here some of the best 6 sites are mentioned below for your easy access-


Ways To Get a Job In Thailand

Below some of the ways are described to get highest paying jobs in Thailand-

  • Networking- networking is one of the best ways to get a job in any country of your interest you just need to attend the workshops and seminars and then you need to focus on building connections and gaining insights into your skill-related industry. after making connections one should try to pitch oneself if one gets any opportunity in hand.
  • Career Pages-if you want to target any special organisation then there is one more way to apply which is you can explore the career page of any organisation and there you can fill out and upload your CV and resume.
  • Job Site- Exploring jobs on job websites is the most convenient and easy way to get a job.in today’s world, people like to spend time on these job sites to make connections and to apply for vacancies. A few sites are mentioned in this article for your reference.
  • Agencies- There are agencies which help the candidates to get a job which meets their education and skills along with their salary expectations.

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Which job is easy to get in Thailand?

For foreigners, teaching is the go-to job and English language teachers are in high demand in Spain so anyone with good English skills can try their luck to get a job as an English language teacher if you are from an English-speaking country then the chances of getting hired are more.

Is living in Thailand cheap?

Depending upon the individual needs, wants and budget Living cost in Thailand differs. and utility and food costs are affordable in Thailand and one can expect to stay there in the range between 650 dollars to 3,000 dollars.

Which job has the highest salary in Thailand?

There are some highest-paying jobs in Thailand the first Buisness Development Director, Human Resource Manager, Developer, Teacher, and real estate agent.

Here we end our article which was about the highest paying jobs in Thailand to get more information about jobs abroad, universities and visa abroad you can follow the Leverage Edu’s page.

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