How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Hong Kong?

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part time jobs in hong kong

Hong Kong is an emerging study-abroad destination and international students are still exploring the vast opportunities it offers. There are various provisions that the country is working on to improve its provisions towards students to make Hong Kong popular among overseas students. One such provision entailed for a long time is that of part-time work. Hong Kong is a city full of opportunities and wonders. Therefore, whether it is to maintain a lifestyle, to cover your investment in studying abroad or to enjoy the city culture through experience working part-time in Hong Kong can be a game changer. 


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Why Work Part-Time in Hong Kong?

It can be a little difficult to move into a challenging and competitive world with just a degree to get a good job offer. Therefore some pre-graduation work experience can be really beneficial to kickstart your career after completing your studies.

If you are someone who worries if the Post Study Work period will be enough to find the job of your choice or not then this is your opportunity. Part-time work in Hong Kong will grant you; 

  1. Some extra money to aid your stay or studies.
  2. Connections with individuals and organisations.
  3. Exposure to the country’s work culture. 
  4. A competitive indigenous experience to sparkle on your CV. 
  5. A better understanding of the culture and people.  

List of Part-Time Jobs in Hong Kong

Here are some popular part-time jobs in Hong Kong that international students can pursue without requiring much experience or a detailed selection process. 

Business Support Intern
Actuarial Intern
Insurance Product Intern
Social Media Intern
Part Time Administrative Assistant
IT Intern
Finance and wealth management internship 

Average Pay

The average student pay is reported by universities in Hong Kong. Let’s have a look at some important figures. 

UniversitiesAverage Salary Reported 
University of Hong Kong HK$59/hr
Hong Kong Baptist University HK$48,000/yr
City University of Hong KongHK$52/hr

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Conditions for Part-Time Jobs in Hong Kong

There are various conditions required to work part-time in Hong Kong. The country focuses a lot on the academic development of the students and hence only allows internships, on-campus part-time work and summer jobs. Let’s explore some common requirements and then proceed towards the more specific ones in each field. 

  1. The student must have a valid F1 visa
  2. A ‘No Objection Letter’ from the Hong Kong Immigration Department.
  3. NOL and Student visa (F1 Visa) together make you eligible for part-time jobs in Hong Kong.
  4. The duration of the program they are enrolled in must be at least 1 academic year. 
  5. The sought work should be related to the field of study of the student and must add on to their skills. 
  6. Those will sub-local degree programs must have a course duration of at least 2 years to be eligible for work.
  7. You will be allowed 20 working hours per week under this provision.  


  • These have to be approved by your university or department
  • These kind of internships are mainly available from the 1st of September to 31st of May. 
  • The candidate pursuing an internship must be full-time non-local student. 
  • Chosen student must not be a part of the exchange program. 
  • There might be a separate NOL required to start work. 
  • For students from sub-degree local programmes, the internship duration should at least be 06 months. 
  • For those in locally-accredited local or non-local programmes, the internship duration must be at least one academic year or one-third of the duration of the study programme. Whichever is shorter will be taken into consideration locally-accredited local or non-local programmes

Part-Time Work On Campus 

  • The study programme for these jobs should also be at least 01 year. 
  • These are offered to students from undergraduate level or above.
  • The permissible working hours are 20 hours per week.

Summer Jobs

  • These programmes are available to students are available for students from 1 June to 31 August every year. 
  • These are the summer vacation months are students are allowed to work without full-time suring this period. 
  • Also, there is no restriction on work location, nature of work or tenure of the part-time job during this period. 
  • Students can also continue to work part-time if they want.  

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Required Documents

Here are some important documents that a student would need to successfully pursue part-time work in Hong Kong. 

  1. F1 Visa (Student Visa)
  2. No Objection Letter (NOL)
  3. Admission letter from the university
  4. Migration documents such as passport etc
  5. Personal identification documents

Tips to Find Jobs in Hong Kong

Confused about where to find jobs or start looking? Here are some tips to help you find part-time work, internships, summer jobs etc in Hong Kong. 

  1. First of all, after getting admission or at the time of applying ask the university officials about their provisions for internships. 
  2. Some courses include compulsory internships with the program that you will be assisted on by the university.
  3. They will also give you an insight on what kind of part-time work is available on campus and the eligibility to enrol for it. 
  4. For related internships outside the university, you can visit the job and internship providing websites and register to find work.
  5. Another option is to find and enrol in the university placement cell. Summer internships can be found both with placement cell or job portals. 

As most of the work for non-local students is available on campus or through internships there is less possibility for freelance or other part-time work. However, you can register on a few recruiting websites to find internships and summer jobs. Students can consider the following websites: 

  1. Indeed
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Glassdoor
  4. Absolute Internships
  5. Next Step: Advanced experiential learning
  6. The Education Abroad Network (TEAN)
  7. Art Bound Initiative
  8. Sage Corps
  9. CIEE Council on International Educational Exchange
  10. Asia Internship Program (AIP)


Can international students work part-time in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong allows non local students (international students) to work part-time jobs on campus, at different internship programs and summer jobs under various conditions. 

What do I need to work part-time as a student in Hong Kong?

To work part-time in Hong Kong non-local students need a student visa and a No Objection Letter (NOL). They must also be enrolled in full-time programs with minimum duration of 1 academic year.

What do students earn part-time in Hong Kong?

International students can earn an average of 40 HKD/Hour by working part time in Hong Kong.  

This is all the information about how to get part-time jobs in Hong Kong for international students, if you want to read blogs on part-time jobs follow Leverage Edu. 


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