Software Engineer Salary in Toronto: 2024 Latest Guide, Top Jobs, Best Salaries 

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Software Engineer Salary in Toronto

Software Engineer Salary in Toronto (2024): You must be aware of the fact that tech jobs are very popular in Canada. On top of that, Toronto is one of the main cities that relies heavily on tech-based jobs. Software engineering being one of the most common as well as in-demand jobs in the world of technology is also extremely popular in Toronto. According to the job bank, the government of Canada, job opportunities for Software Engineers will grow in the entire Ontario region from 2023 to 2025. If you are also looking forward to making a career in Canada, as a software engineer, here are some great insights to help you out. Read along for the latest information on Software Engineer Salaries in Toronto in 2024. 


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Average Software Engineer Salary in Toronto in 2024

Brace yourselves as you can earn up to $76,467 to $97,117 per year or more as a Software Engineer in Toronto. Sounds like the right choice? There is more, this is just the base salary and you can earn compensation on top of that based on your performance. 

Your monthly compensation in this way will be somewhere around $6,876. Since this is an average, it would be better to mention a range. You can earn somewhere between $3,551 to $18,232 per month in Toronto with a Software Engineer job. 

If your idea is to freelance or go for part-time jobs rather than a full-time role, you must know that the hourly compensation for software engineers in Toronto is around $42.07. Your salary will be dependent on your qualifications, your expertise and experience in the field and your portfolio as a software engineer. 

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Software Engineer Salary in Toronto

Best Paying Companies for Software Engineers in Toronto in 2024

Are you looking to work for the best companies? Or do you wish to set your salary standards according to what the best-paying companies are offering? Whichever, case it is, you will need a reference to compare your salary expectations to the market price. Hence, here is a list of the best-paying companies for software engineer salaries in Toronto. 

Company Average Income
Veeva Systems$122,360 per year
Amazon$121,843 per year
Vena Solutions$117,162 per year
Google$116,776 per year
Microsoft$111,141per year
IBM$19 per hour
Wish$150,500 per year
Capital One$98,491 per year
Intel $86,516 per year
Scotiabank$85,928 per year

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Experience-Wise Software Engineer Salary in Toronto

If you are graduating from Canada itself or any other technologically advanced country such as the UK, USA, Australia, Germany etc, your starting package itself is going to be magnanimous. This is because Software Engineers are paid well in countries like Canada. 

However, it will also be majorly impacted by your skills and performance in the field so far. Usually, freshers with experience through internships, fellowships or part-time jobs in Canada have an upper hand in the situation. 

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Nonetheless, the average starting salary for a Software Engineer in Toronto is between $76,467 to $120,420 per year. With experience, this salary will grow to somewhere around $97,125 to $141,100. 

Between 4 to 5 years of experience to more than 8 years of experience, your salary will grow again and you earn up to $160,000 per year as a Software Engineer at a senior position. Thus, the Software Engineer salary in Toronto is a fair deal for those investing in the degree. 

Software Engineer Salary in Toronto

The following table consists of some Software Engineer jobs and their related salaries. These jobs offer roles that are similar to those of a Software Engineer and can be pursued with the same qualifications as well. 

Job RolesAverage Salary 
.NET Developer $149,126 per year 
Software Development Engineer $125,909
Full Stack Developer Job openings Average $165,306 per year
Java Developer$123,241
Program Manager $101,798
Software Developer $116,794
Systems Analyst $83,042
Business Analyst $82,550
Application Developer $78,600 per year
Back End/Front End Developer $97,254 per year

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Best Locations for Software Engineer Jobs Near Toronto 

Based on the data accumulated on the type of industries, salary, job role, opportunities and work environment some regions near Toronto perform better than others. These locations are considered the best for Software Engineer jobs based on data from various job websites like Indeed or LinkedIn. Given below is the list of locations along with the average salary of a Software Engineer in that region. 

Best Locations to Work As a Software Engineer Average Salary
Scarborough $111,070 per year
Mississauga$97,821 per year
Toronto$97,117 per year
Waterloo$95,311 per year
Ottawa$93,406 per year
Pickering$82,548 per year
Kingston$78,279 per year
Burlington$77,775 per year
Markham$77,140 per year

Skills Required to Get a Well-Paid Software Engineer Job in Toronto

Here are the skills and qualifications required to become a software engineer with a well-paid package in Toronto. 

  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Structured Query Language (SQL)
  • Project management

What Will be a Software Engineer’s Salary in Canada?


What is a good salary for a software engineer in Toronto?

A good salary for a software engineer is between $76,467 to $97,117 per year in Toronto. 

What is the salary of a 4-year experienced software engineer in Canada?

If you have around 4 years of experience, then you can earn between $97,125 to $141,100 as a software engineer in Canada. Your salary will be on the higher end if you work in tech giant cities like Toronto. 

How much does a 10-year experience software engineer make in Canada?

After 10 years of experience as a software engineer in Canada, you can earn around $160,000 per year or more based on your skills, position, previous experience and CTC. 

This was all about a Software Engineer’s salary in Toronto. For more such informative blogs on jobs that pay a high salary, follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu. 

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