How to Become a Medical Researcher Internationally?

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Medical Researcher

When a student opts for Biology in Class 11th everyone looks up to them as if they are going to be a doctor one day. But what if you can put down the stethoscope and instead take up a scalpel? Being a Medical Researcher is not a popular option in India as students assume that it would be challenging to become a scientist. However, truth be told it is as good as other career options in science. You cannot even become a doctor without studying hard, can you? So, before you sit for an MBBS exam explore the career option of becoming a Medical Researcher. 


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Why Become a Medical Researcher?

Why become a medical researcher? Because you want to! But along with that, there are some amazing reasons why a career in Medical Research is what you should look for. 

  • Get an opportunity to explore and innovate in the field of medicine. You will not be implementing what others invented or using the knowledge they transpired. You will be creating new studies and results in the field of medicine. 
  • For every every successful research, you get a research paper authored by you and for every new invention a patent under your name. 
  • Work with high-end technology and equipment to revolutionise the field of medicine. You will brainstorm with experts and learn from the best even at lower positions of research. 
  • A chance to benefit the world with your inventions. You can develop new surgical procedures, medical treatment procedures, therapeutic methods or new drug molecules. 
  • Your efforts will not only change the world but also your standards of living. Medical researcher jobs are highly paid and in demand in many foreign nations. 
  • You can keep learning while you work and be paid for it. Yes, there is no end to learning in this field and if you are a curious cat well, this field will be wonderland for you. 
  • Added work benefits. There are many employment benefits for medical researchers for their work is precious for the world. Be it insurance, paid time off, flexible working hours or monetary benefits.  

What Does a Medical Researcher Do?

Medical Researchers or Medical Scientists are basically researchers but what research do they perform? Scientific research is very wide and Medical Researchers basically deal with research around medicine, disease, response towards a disease, vaccinations and more. 

They conduct experiments, analyse results, develop treatments, test the treatments and their side effects and also note patterns. These treatments could be chemical, natural, induced biological treatments or genomic treatments. 

Depending on their expertise a medical researcher can choose their own field. They also collect data and maintain bulk records. They also improve the potency of existing drugs or search for alternative less expensive treatments. Scientists also have to work with healthcare professionals and physicians to see responses. 

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How to Become a Medical Researcher?

Without any further ado let’s look at how to become a Medical Researcher. The journey to becoming a Medical Researcher can be different for different people. However, here we have mentioned some important landmarks that must not be missed. 

  1. Earn a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field. If you are sure about what specialisations you want in the future you can go for specific courses like Bacteriology, Cardiology, Embryology, Gastroenterology or countless more options. Otherwise, you can also choose to go for border degrees like Botany, Zoology, Biology, Biomedical Sciences etc. 
  2. Get a master’s degree to polish your specialisation. Make sure you remain consistent in your choice of education and do not divert from your core specialisations. 
  3. One must also choose electives that add to their program course, both in Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. 
  4. After attaining these, one has to earn an MD (Doctorate of Medicine) or a PhD (Doctorate of Philosophy) in a relevant subject of interest.
  5. Complete the medical residency requirement for 3-7 years. Here, hands-on experience is given to the students along with great knowledge from some working professionals. This happens in a research facility. 
  6. Apply for a license to practice. In order to practice medicine one must possess a license, case you wish to practice medicine abroad, make sure you get the country’s license. Licensing procedures might also involve an examination. 
  7. If your research field does not involve direct contact with a patient, then a license might not be necessary. You can discuss this with professionals during your medical residency period.

Top-Specialisations Under Medical Research 

Here are some top specialisations under Medical Research programs that are in demand and mostly required by the students. 

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Requirements to Become a Medical Researcher 

There are various categorised requirements to become a Medical Researcher. These are educational qualifications and skills. 


A Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and Doctorate degree are required to become a medical researcher. Any additional diplomas and certificates are a plus. The degrees can be in any field of biology or the following; 

  • Biochemistry
  • Medical Physics
  • Physiology
  • Bioinformatics etc.


There are various soft skills and hard skills that one needs to possess in order to become a Medical Researcher. Here are some of these skills mentioned below; 

  • Research skills
  • Technical and numeric knowledge
  • Critical thinking
  • Observational skills
  • Data analysis skills
  • Decision-making skills
  • Communication skills
  • Writing skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Laboratory skills

Where Will You Work as a Medical Researcher?

The top employers for Medical Researchers are mentioned below. One should choose this carefully based on their interest and area of expertise. 

  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Chemical industries (Biotechnologists)
  • Health organizations such as NHS in the UK
  • NGOs and Voluntary organisations
  • Universities
  • Medical research charities
  • Research Councils Based on Medicine

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What is the Average Annual Salary of a Medical Scientist? 

In India, the salary for Assistant Professors is somewhere between Rs. 70,000 – 80,000 per month which keeps increasing in lakhs with promotion. Whereas if one decides to work in leading institutes of the world, their starting salary could be USD 6,000 to USD 8,000 per month. 

For researchers with 5 to 6 years of experience, the average salary is as high as USD 10,000 to USD 12,000 per month. Seasoned professionals earn as high as USD 15,000 to USD 17,000 per month. Moreover, after working for 15 to 20 years you can earn upto USD 18,000 to USD 20,000 per month. 

Here are some occupations very similar to that of a Medical Researcher. Read on to make the right career choice. 

  • Epidemiologists 
  • Microbiologists
  • Biochemists
  • Clinical laboratory technologists and technicians
  • Agricultural and food scientists
  • Health education specialists
  • Community health workers


Is Medical Research a promising career?

It is a well-reputed and respected career. Medical Researchers develop medicines for diseases and conduct many other forms of medical research, which also makes it a noble profession. A medical researcher also earns well, a researcher with 5 to 6 experience can earn USD 10,000 to USD 12,000 per month and there is also a great demand for the job. 

How long does it take to become a medical researcher?

After completing Class 12, it would take around five to eight years to become a medical researcher. Considering that you will have to pursue Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degrees this time can also extend in case of drop years. 

What does a medical researcher do?

Medical Researchers basically deal with research around medicine, disease, response towards a disease, vaccinations and more. They conduct experiments, analyse results, develop treatments, test the treatments and their side effects and also note patterns. 

This was all about how you can become a Medical Researcher abroad. Let us know your thoughts and doubts about jobs related to the field of medicine through comments. If you want to know more about jobs and studying options abroad follow Leverage Edu

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