Deloitte Australia Online Internship 2023

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Deloitte Australia Online Internship 2023 

Deloitte Australia online internship or Deloitte (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) STEM Connect Virtual Experience Programme is ideal for computer science and also for STEM enthusiasts. This programme encapsulates the basic principles of data analysis and also methodologies to identify and deal with cyber attacks to help international students and working professionals grow in their respective careers. In order to know more about the Deloitte Australia Online Internship 2023, continue reading the below article:

Internship NameDeloitte Australia Online Internship or
Deloitte STEM Connect Virtual Experience Programme
Mode of InternshipOnline
Official WebsiteDeloitte Australia Online Internship
Platform Forage
Domain Cyber Security and Data Analysis 
Tenure3 hours to 5 hours
TimelineAlways Open

What is Deloitte Australia Online Internship?

This online internship programme by Deloitte Australia is an outstanding opportunity for both professionals and students with an interest in data analysis and cyber security. This programme is designed for international students to uplift their careers by learning about the basics of programming, software development, forensic technologies, and also web security. It is a short-duration course of 3 to 5 hours that has no time limitation. It is a virtual training programme that enables interns to experience a real-time working environment at Deloitte. 

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Domains of Study

Opting for Deloitte STEM Connect Virtual Experience Programme will enable students to learn about the following academic and technical disciplines:

  • Cyber Security: Web security and computer network. 
  • Data Analysis: Tables, data analytics, and data modelling. 
  • Coding: Programming languages and data structures.
  • Forensic Technology: Analysis and processing of electronic data.
  • Software Development: Process of software development.

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Deloitte Australia online internship is an advantageous internship opportunity for students of the STEM domain. This programme has the following advantages for STEM students:

  • A chance to earn a certificate, which will be a positive addition to your CV, owing to which you can apply for employment at better enterprises.
  • An opportunity to complete a certificate program for free in your own time.
  • An excellent space to acquire real-time work experience.
  • An exceptional prospect to get insights about the fundamentals and work culture at Deloitte.
  • Practical skills acquired through this internship programme will help STEM students improve their career prospects. 

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Eligibility Criteria

There is no limitation for applying to Deloitte STEM Connect Virtual Experience Programme. Deloitte Australia has not mentioned any minimum requirements to apply for this programme as it is an open opportunity for people interested in cybersecurity and data analysis. However, there are some basic requirements to apply for this online programme:

  • International students are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates who have an academic background in STEM courses are encouraged to register for this programme.
  • Individuals aspiring to pursue STEM courses can also apply.
  • People with an interest in coding and software development should also consider this internship opportunity.
  • Individuals entering this internship programme must be keen to create a dynamic work environment. 

Application Process

As there is no timeline for Deloitte Australia online internship, interested candidates can apply at any time of the year. Given below are some instructions to become a part of this virtual experience programme:

  • Visit the official website of Forage Deloitte.
  • Click on the ‘Register Now’ button.
  • Register using your email address to create a free-of-cost Forage account. 
  • Access this online programme after logging in to your account.

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If you have any inclination toward coding, data analytics, or web security, opt for the Deloitte STEM Connect Virtual Experience Programme to widen your growth horizon. Learn about novel technologies and methodologies at your own pace and boost your career. 


Q1. Does Deloitte hire international students in Australia?

Ans. Yes. Deloitte hires students from across the world. Deloitte Australia offers numerous internship and employment opportunities to international students who can deliver positive outcomes and are keen to learn about the latest technologies.

Q2. Is it hard to get an internship at Deloitte Australia?

Ans. No. To get an internship at Deloitte Australia, international students can visit the official website of this MNC to explore on-campus and online internship programmes. These internships enable working professionals and students to advance in their careers.

Q3. What is the stipend for Deloitte Australia online internship?

Ans. There is no stipend for this virtual training programme. Enrolled international students and working executives get a certificate that can help them improve their CVs and career scope. Additionally, skills acquired during 3 to 5 hours of this virtual internship will help you diversify your skill set.

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