Career in Botany

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Career in Botany

Do you feel relaxed and happy when you are in the company of plants and are interested in learning more about them? If yes, then Botany might just be the right field for you to study! Amongst the prominent sought-after branches of Biology, Botany encompasses the study of plants, their structure, classification, amongst other factors. Building a career in Botany, you will gain an in-depth understanding of plant science and physiology and carry out further research in the same. So, if you are contemplating whether or not to go for a career in Botany, this blog brings you a complete guide on top courses offered, major universities and career scope in this field.

Career in Botany

Botany is a branch of Biology which deals with the study of plants and plant-like organisms like algae, fungi etc. It includes the scientific study of Plant Physiology, Structure, Classification, Genetics, Distribution, Economic Importance and Ecology. The work of a Botanist includes fieldwork for studying plants in their natural habitat, as well as working in the laboratories for research. As a career field, Botany is highly rewarding for individuals who are especially interested in the subject and wish to explore the plant kingdom to the deepest possible extent.

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How to Become a Botanist?

Botanists are those scientists who have expertise in studying plant growth, the flowering of plants, their structure, evolution as well as uses. They are experts in plant taxonomy, plant ecology as well as chemical biology of a plant and carry out in-depth research and scientific innovation pertaining to plant photosynthesis, evolution as well as the medicinal value of varied types of plants. In an exciting field like this, you can explore a multitude of career opportunities as a botanist. Nowadays taking environmental importance into prior consideration, there are various Government organisations across the globe stressing on the importance of environment and planting of trees and flowers. Therefore, there is a dire need for botanists in the contemporary times to save the environment from further degradation. To know more and steps to become a botanist, check out our blog on How to Become a Botanist?

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There are numerous degree programs offered in the field of Botany that students can choose from. In order to make the right map for building a career in Botany, it is essential to explore the top bachelor’s, masters and doctoral programs available. The following sections list down the courses, structure and eligibility criteria for programs in Botany.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Botany

Though you will generally find Bachelor of Science in Botany as the most commonly offered undergraduate degree, here are some of the varied bachelor’s degree courses available in Botany:

A BSc degree in Botany is an undergraduate course generally of three years (although at some universities it may be of four years), usually divided into semesters. The syllabus covers a broad range of topics to help the student get a detailed idea of the plant world. Some of the core topics covered in the course include:

  • Plant Cell Biology
  • Plant Anatomy
  • Phycology
  • Palaeobotany
  • Genetics
  • Bacteriology
  • Microbiology
  • Plant Physiology  

Master’s Degrees in Botany

The minimum qualifications for pursuing a master’s degree is to have a B.Sc. degree in Botany with a minimum of 50% of marks. Here are some of the popular master’s degree programs for those aiming to pursue a career in Botany:

  • MSc Botany
  • MSc in Ecology
  • Master of Agricultural Resources and Management
  • MSc Biochemistry
  • MSc in Marine Science
  • Master of Applied Science/MSc in Plant Biotechnology

Apart from some compulsory topics, many universities offer an opportunity to choose from a list of optional topics depending on your interests. The assessment consists of both theoretical and practical modules, with laboratory-based work being deemed as important as the theoretical. Some of the main topics covered in the MSc Botany Syllabus includes:

  • Microbial Biotechnology
  • Genetics
  • Genomics
  • Computer Applications and Bioinformatics
  • Palynology and Palaeobotany
  • Microbiology

Doctoral Degree Courses (MPhil and PhD) in Botany

If you want to pursue a career in research in Botany, you could go for an MPhil or a PhD degree in Botany. Here is some information about both the courses:

  • An MPhil is a research degree of 1-2 years’ duration which can be pursued after post-graduation. The coursework for an MPhil student includes topics on basic research methodologies and instrumentation, to enable the student to carry on research in the chosen area of specialization. 
  • A PhD research degree generally needs 3 to 5 years to complete. The student focuses on a specific area and is required to present new research on the topic. This is an essential degree if you want to pursue an academic career in Botany.

Eligibility Criteria for Courses in Botany

To be eligible to pursue degree programs  in Botany, here are some of the common eligibility requirements you must know about:

  • For bachelor’s degree courses, students must have completed their senior education in the science stream, with Biology as one of the core subjects. 
  • For master’s degree programs, a graduate degree in Botany or any of its related field is a major prerequisite.
  • Some institutions conduct entrance exams to degree courses in Botany, which require a good score for the student to get admitted in the college/university.
  • If you aim to study a degree in Botany abroad, you will have to provide scores of English proficiency test scores of TOEFL/IELTS, etc. and GRE scores for master’s degree programs. Along with this, you will have to submit a Statement of Purpose (SOP) and a Letters of Recommendation (LORs).

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If you have decided on pursuing a career in Botany and are looking for the best institutes to get your degree from, here is a list of some of the most popular universities in the world along with the Botany courses offered by them:

University QS World University Ranking 2021 Country Courses offered
University of Oxford 5 UK Plant Sciences DPhil.
University of Cambridge 7 UK MPhil in Biological Science (Plant Sciences)
PhD in Plant Sciences
Cornell University 18 USA Bachelor of Science in Plant Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Plant Biology.
University of Toronto 25 Canada Bachelor of Science (Honours)- Plant Biology.
Uppsala University 124 Sweden Master of Science in Biology- Genetic and Molecular Plant Science.
Michigan State University 157 USA Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology
Bachelor of Science in Plant Biology.
University College Dublin 177 Ireland BSc (Hons) in Plant Biology
MSc in Plant Biology and Biotechnology.

Top Colleges for Career in Botany in India

There are numerous colleges and universities you can consider pursuing courses in Botany. Check out the list of top 10 colleges for Botany in India:

  1. Ramjas College
  2. Hansraj College
  3. Gargi College
  4. Hindu College
  5. Miranda House
  6. Jain University
  7. St. Xaviers College
  8. Dyal Singh College
  9. Christ University
  10. Jai Hind College

Types of Botany Jobs

Since the study of Botany covers a wide range of themes, there are numerous job fields available if you want to pursue a career in Botany. Some of the popular job opportunities and career prospects for Botany graduates include the following:

  • Naturalist
  • Biotechnologist
  • Molecular Biologist
  • Computational Biologist
  • Nursery Manager 
  • Plant Geneticist
  • Field Botanist
  • Scientific Assistant 
  • Researcher
  • Professor
  • Plant Pathologist
  • Ecologist
  • Plant Biochemist

Botany Salary

The following is a tabulated structure of some of the popular job roles and their average salary in India.

Job Roles Average Salary
Plant Biochemist 3 Lakhs p.a.
Taxonomist 4 Lakhs p.a.
Morphologist 3 Lakhs p.a.
Ecologist 4 Lakhs p.a.
Cytologist 5 Lakhs p.a.
Plant Physiologist 6 Lakhs p.a.

Government Jobs after BSc Botany

There are plenty of government exams you can appear for after BSc Botany. Here is the list of government jobs you will be eligible after you graduate:

  1. SSC
  2. IBPS and SBI
  3. Civil services
  4. CDS exam
  5. Indian Forest Service exam 
Is Botany a good career?

Botany is a good career option for students who have an interest in flora and plant life. With multiple job prospects, they can be involved in plant analysis, research, and environmental studies.

Are botanists in demand?

According to BLS (Basic Life support), positions for soil and plant scientists will grow at an average rate of 8% to 14%, adding more than 6,700 jobs between 2012 and 2022.

What are the jobs after BSC botany?

The following are the jobs available after BSc botany. Florist, Plant Biochemist, Paleobotanist, Botanist, Ecologist.

Is Botany harder than biology?

Both botany and zoology are broad topics covering many sub-subjects and scientific concepts. If you study any one of the courses, it will help you probably narrow your interests, and your career prospects.

What are the highest paying botany jobs?

Forester and Botanist are the highest paying jobs students land after graduating from courses in Botany.

How much is the botanist salary in India per month?

Botanist salary in India per month ranges from Rs. 25,000 – 40,000

Hope this blog was able to provide you with all the information you need for pursuing a career in Botany. If you are interested in studying a degree in Botany but are unsure about finding a suitable one, our Leverage Edu experts are just a click away. We will help you find the best course and university as per your interests and preferences along with assisting you throughout the admission process to ensure that you send a winning application! Sign up for a free career counselling session with us today!

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  1. My name is zeeshan khan from pakistan .I am a student of BS Botany from University of malaknd
    After the learning of this Wikipedia about in the field of botany i am very happy and proud to be a botanist and will be learning the plants study with good mood and learning a lot inshullah.

  1. My name is zeeshan khan from pakistan .I am a student of BS Botany from University of malaknd
    After the learning of this Wikipedia about in the field of botany i am very happy and proud to be a botanist and will be learning the plants study with good mood and learning a lot inshullah.

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