Application of Bioinformatics

Application of Bioinformatics

From Genetics and Toxicology to Mycology and Radiobiology, there are scores of branches of Biology to specialize in. And out of the many, Bioinformatics is one of the intriguing fields which enables you to identify, evaluate, store, and retrieve biological information. Being an interdisciplinary field of study, it incorporates various facets of Computer Science, Statistics, and Biology to develop software applications for understanding the biological data like DNA sequencing, protein analysis, evolutionary genetics, etc. Not only restricted to Medicine, but the scope of Bioinformatics is spread across Microbial Genome as well as in the field of Agriculture. So, in this blog, we will explore more such exciting applications of Bioinformatics!

Application of Bioinformatics: Comprehensive List 

Being a vast field of study, Bioinformatics finds applications in various sectors. Here is a list of application of bioinformatics in various fields including:  

  • Biotechnology
  • Alternative Energy Sources
  • Drug Discovery
  • Preventive Medicine 
  • Biofuels
  • Plant Modelling
  • Gene Therapy
  • Waste Clean-up
  • Climate Change
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Microbial Genome 
  • Crop Improvement 
  • Nutrition Quality 
  • Bio-weapon Development
  • Forensic Science
  • Veterinary Sciences
  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • Evolutionary Studies
  • Insect Resistance 

Drug Discovery

Drug discovery is one of the main applications of Bioinformatics. Computational biology, an essential element of bioinformatics help scientists to analyse the disease mechanism process and validate new and cost-effective drugs. If we consider the COVID 19 outbreak, bioinformatics can be effectively used to produce an effective drug at a low cost.

Veterinary Sciences

The course of research in Veterinary Science has achieved an advanced level with the help of Bioinformatics. In this field, the application of Bioinformatics ranges specifically focuses on sequencing projects of animals including cows, pigs, and sheep. This has led to the development in overall production as well as the health of livestock. Moreover, Bioinformatics has helped scientists to discover new tools for the identification of vaccine targets. 

Crop Improvement 

Another important application of bioinformatics is in crop improvement. It makes effective usage of proteomic, metabolomic, genetic, and agricultural crop production to develop strong, more drought-resistant, and insect-resistant crops. Thereby enhancing the quality of livestock and making them disease resistant.

Gene Therapy 

A popular branch of Biology, Gene Therapy is a process through which genetic materials are incorporated into unhealthy cells in order to treat, cure as well as prevent diseases. Analyzing protein targets, identifying cancer types, evaluating data, assessing MicroRNA, etc are some of the applications of Bioinformatics in Gene Therapy.


For those who want to establish a career in Biotechnology must know that there are a wide range of applications of Bioinformatics in this field. Apart from understanding the genes and genomes, the bioinformatics tools and programs are used to compare the gene pair alignment in order to identify the functions of genes and genomes. Furthermore, it is also used in molecular modelling, docking, annotation and dynamic, etc. 

Waste Clean up

Another important application of bioinformatics is in waste clean up. Here, the primary objective is to identify and assess the DNA sequencing of bacteria and microbes in order to use them for sewage cleaning, removing radioactive waste, clearing oil spills, etc. Did you know that as per the Guinness Book of world records, Bacterium Deinococcus Radiodurans is considered as the world’s toughest bacterium?

Microbial Genome

Microbial Genomes comprises of all the genetic material including chromosomal and extra-chromosomal components of bacteria and eukaryotes. And when it comes to the application of Bioinformatics, this is an important area. Apart from evaluating genome assembly, Bioinformatics tools also help in conducting DNA sequencing for application in areas including health and energy. 

Evolutionary Studies

One of the great American scientists, Theodosius Dobzhansky rightly said, “Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution.” In order to understand biological problems and improve the quality of life, evolutionary studies play a decisive role. Through bioinformatics, one can compare the genomic data of different species and identify their families, functions, and characteristics   

Hence, the application of Bioinformatics is multi-fold and can be found in various domains! Are you looking forward to pursuing higher education in this field from universities abroad? Let the experts at Leverage Edu assist you in starting your academic journey. Book your free 30 minutes e-counselling session with the team and discover new educational possibilities. 

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