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Jobs in Thailand

Thailand is not only a favorite holiday destination but also an attractive destination for employment opportunities. Many foreign workers and immigrants choose Thailand as their workplace. Foreigners will require a valid visa and work permit issued by the Department of Labour. Interested applicants must check the below article to learn more about jobs in Thailand, how to find jobs, the most common job openings, the average salary as per the job title, and also the list of high-paying teaching jobs in Thailand.


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Why Jobs in Thailand?

Check below why people should choose to work in Thailand:

  • The 13th-month pay cycle is not mandatory in Thailand, unlike the Phillippines and Indonesia. Every employee is granted 6 days of annual leave after completing one year of service but it is not restricted. 
  • Apart from this, the candidates are also entitled to 30 days of paid sick leave. 
  • The candidates are also entitled to family, maternity, or paternity leave. 
  • The law requires employees to contribute at least 5% of their monthly income to a social security fund on a monthly basis.

How to Find Jobs in Thailand?

Check out the ways below by which the candidates can find jobs easily in Thailand:

Explore Jobs in Thailand
  • Head Hunting Companies – If a job requires a particular set of skills then in that case the company uses the head hunting feature. Some of the most common head-hunting companies in Thailand are Adecco, PRTR, Robert Walters, etc.
  • Website – Interested candidates can visit certain websites such as JobsDB, Craigslist, Thailand Starter Kit, etc, and find jobs for themselves.
  • Social Media Platforms – Social media platforms are a very common source of jobs nowadays. For example: LinkedIn, facebook, etc.
  • Newspapers & Magazines – Candidates who love to read can search for jobs in newspapers & magazines. For example Dacco, Bangkok Post, etc.

Most Common Jobs in Thailand

The most common type of job available in Thailand is teaching jobs. However, the teaching profession has changed over the years in Thailand. After teaching the most common jobs found in Thailand are that of self-employment. Check below some of the other most common jobs in Thailand after teaching and self-employment:

  • Music & Entertainment – Being employed in the entertainment industry in Thailand is quite difficult. People get hired for nightclubs and also in certain five-star hotels. 
  • Hotel Management – They tend to hire foreigners as a chef or bakers in large organizations. Other people own their own small restaurants or bakeries and hold work permits as a manager. 
  • Information Technology – Candidates having IT skills are paid well in Thailand. Software engineers are constantly in demand in Thailand. 

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Salary for Jobs in Thailand

The salary of jobs in Thailand varies across the country region-wise and city-wise. As per the records of 2022, the average salary was from 24,500 Baht per month to 433,000 baht per month. This is equivalent to 711 USD to 12,800 USD, with an average salary for the country equalling around 96,900 Baht per year.

List of Highest-Paying Jobs in Thailand

Check below the list of highest paying jobs in Thailand along with their average salary:

Credit: @livinginphuketthailand
Job TitleAverage Salary (monthly)
Chief Executive Officer$12,667
Finance Director$7,741
College Professors$6,756
Head Coach$10,837
Aviation Manager$5,967
Regional Director$5,602
Telecommunications Manager$5,546

List of English Teaching Jobs in Thailand

Check below the list of English teaching jobs in Thailand along with their average salary:

Job TitleAverage Salary
Early Years Teachers฿47,000 / month
Part-Time Coach ฿650 / hour
Female Homeroom Teachers฿50,000 / month
NES Primary Teachers฿47,000 / month
native English speaking Kindergarten teacher฿45,000.00 – ฿100,000.00 per month
Biology Teacher/Tutor35,000-40,000 baht
Full-time Teacher of ESL for Semester 260,000 – 80,000 THB per month
PYP Teacher and Coordinator฿85,000.00 – ฿115,000.00 per month

Why Teaching Jobs in Thailand?

Reasons for which teaching jobs are famous in Thailand are given as follows:

  • Teachers are given fully furnished accommodation. This benefit is most common among the teachers of international schools.
  • Some of the schools offer flight benefits to their teachers. The employees get booked economy class tickets.
  • Teachers are also entitled to annual and sick leaves apart from public holidays.
  • Some schools especially the international ones, give the facility of medical insurance to their employees. 

Working Hours for Jobs in Thailand

As per the Ministry of Labour, the working hours are usually 7 – 8 hours a day which means 42 – 48 hours a week. The employees can work overtime but that should not be more than 36 hours in a week. Candidates can check the calculation of overtime pay given below:

Period of OvertimeHourly Salary Paid (%)
Normal days150%
Normal working hours on a holiday200%
Overtime on a holiday300%

Rules and Regulations for Jobs in Thailand

Check below the rules and regulations for jobs in Thailand:

  • The minimum wages paid in Thailand are between THB 328 – THB 354 per day. Usually, the payroll is monthly but it varies from state to state. 
  • The candidates are entitled to work for 7 to 8 hours per day with a rest of 1 hour in between.
  • If the candidates work overtime, the candidates will be paid on an hourly basis as per the norms

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How many hours do you work in Thailand?

Usually, the working hours in Thailand are a maximum of 8 hours per day and not more than 48 hours per week.

What is the minimum age to work in Thailand?

The minimum age for employment in Thailand is 15, and children younger than 18 are protected from hazardous work.

How to get a job in Thailand from India?

Indians who want to legally work in Thailand will need a Non-immigrant B visa, which can be used later to apply for a Thailand work permit which must be carried at all times.

Which job has highest salary in Thailand?

Those working in the finance and banking sectors receive the highest salaries in Thailand. Similarly, engineering and technology sector employees also earn well. MNCs pay high salaries to executive and management roles in Thailand.

What are thailand software developer hourly rates?

The average software developer in Thailand earns approximately THB 1,176,820. Additionally, a bonus of THB 52,604. is earned by employees.

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