List of 10 Fashion Jobs Available in 2024

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Fashion Jobs

Fashion is not only related to glamour and trendy clothes but it also gives wide job opportunities, unique challenges, and rewards for individuals. Candidates who have a great passion for fashion, design, and styling, along with a business mind can easily place themselves in this industry. This guide will embark you on the top 10 fashion jobs and the top countries that offer fashion jobs to aspiring individuals. These career paths will allow individuals to express their creativity and skills. 


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Top Countries Offering Fashion Jobs

Check below the list of top countries offering fashion jobs:

Country Average Salary
UK£26T – £42T per year
USUSD 58T – USD 1L per year
Canada$44K – $68K per year
AustraliaAUD 65T – 80T
FranceEUR 2T – 4T per month
Germany€46K – €65K per year
NetherlandsEUR 3k – 4k per month

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Check the list of Top 10 fashion jobs given below:

  • Stylist
  • Designer
  • Public Relations Manager
  • E-Commerce Manager
  • Brand Manager 
  • Marketing Manager 
  • Merchandising Manager
  • Editor-in-chief
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
Fashion Jobs


Stylists are responsible for planning and coordinating outfits for clients so that they can present themselves in a better way. They have to keep themselves updated with the latest trends, by attending different fashion shows or events. 

Job Title Average Salary 
Stylist$53,686 per year


The designers are responsible for creating original accessories for clothing, with specialized products. They are the persons who create unique items for boutiques, or high profile stores. Their job starts with sketching designs, choosing materials, and creating garments.

Job Title Average Salary 
Fashion Designer$57,352 per year

Public Relations Manager

They are responsible for executing public relations strategies, which in turn will improve relations with the media which is important to promoting the brand. Promotional campaigns may include fashion shows, fashion events, press conferences, etc. 

Job TitleAverage Salary 
Public Relations Manager$60,834 per year

E-Commerce Manager

They are responsible for looking into the online presence of retail sales to generate more purchases. Their day-to-day tasks include reviewing sales data and inventory levels, planning promotional events, etc. They will also help to improve the online shopping experience for consumers.

Job TitleAverage Salary 
E-Commerce Manager$64,944 per year

Brand Manager

Brand Managers are responsible for maintaining and creating the company’s image to retain the company’s customers. They are required to coordinate with the creative, marketing, and product development teams to ensure that all the launches are done following the brand guidelines.

Job Title Average Salary 
Brand Manager$66,023 per year

Marketing Manager

These managers devise various marketing strategies to drive more sales for the company or organization. They also have to coordinate with the design team and the product team to see that the logos and package designs follow the brand guidelines. Marketing managers are required to monitor market trends to see whether a marketing plan is effective or not.

Job Title Average Salary 
Marketing Manager$67,216 per year

Merchandising Manager

Merchandising managers are responsible for making decisions regarding the stocks, prices, and presentation of products in various retail stores. Their day-to-day work includes maintaining the visual appearance of the stores, coordinating sales promotions, and checking the levels of stock. 

Job TitleAverage Salary 
Merchandising Manager$69,407 per year

Editor in Chief

Editors-in-chief are responsible for looking after the digital or print publications and making the final decision regarding their publishing. For example, they have to plan out the layout of the magazine, its design, and its content. They serve as the representative of their publication and promote it at various events and fashion shows.

Job Title Average Salary 
Editor in Chief$70,591 per year
Fashion Jobs

Art Director

Art directors are responsible for supervising the creation of visual materials for various advertising campaigns, magazines, and other media. They are responsible for looking after the photographs, graphic designers, and others to ensure that the concepts are executed correctly.

Job Title Average Salary 
Art Director$71,204 per year

Creative Director

They are responsible for communicating a vision to the design team and then making a final decision on the fabrics, colours, and other design details. They develop a vision for various publications, magazines, or other products of the company and brand.

Job Title Average Salary 
Creative Director$86,660 per year

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Why should candidates go for fashion jobs?

The fashion industry offers one of the most rewarding careers to individuals. They will get a sense of self-satisfaction and fulfilment that no other industry can provide.

How many hours are the individuals required to work in fashion jobs?

The individuals are required to work for eight hours a day. However, they may be required to work overtime based on the type of project.

Do fashion jobs require individuals to travel?

Mostly, the individuals stay in major countries such as the UK, the US, and Canada. But sometimes they may be required to travel to attend various fashion jobs and events.

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