Teaching Jobs in Canada for Indians

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Teaching Jobs in Canada

Teaching Jobs in Canada for Indians: Teaching is one of the most in-demand professions in Canada. However, trying to find a suitable location for your teaching career aspiration is essential. The country is the safest and a major attraction for students willing to study in Canada. Teaching is in demand in every province of the Canadian region. Teachers in the country enjoy favourable treatment and a competitive salary package as well. 


To know more about teaching jobs in Canada, students must go through the article and learn all the basic information regarding the same. 

Why Choose Canada for Teaching Jobs? 

Teaching in Canada is a desirable career path for most experienced candidates. It offers ample opportunities for immigrants and newcomers moving to the country. The Canadian Education system is one of the best in the world with the highest-paying salary. 

Most provinces in the country are going through a shortage of experienced teachers. The country is looking forward to peers, who are experienced, well-educated and have the necessary skills to become professional teachers. 

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How to Become a Teacher in Canada? 

Teaching jobs in Canada apply to immigrants as well. As Canada is a large and diverse country, the work opportunities differ in regions of Canada. However, if you are willing to become a teacher in Canada, you must fulfil the basic eligibility requirements. 

Moreover, the provincial and territorial governments regulate their schooling system. They are the responsible authorities for setting out the rules and regulations for teaching jobs in Canada. However, the rules are almost similar across the Canadian region with some minor differences. 

Are Teaching Jobs in Demand in Canada in 2023? 

The teaching profession offers competitive pay in the market and amazing working peers. You will receive many other benefits such as employment insurance, sick leaves, paid parental leaves etc. 

Additionally, as per the reports from the Department of Employment and Social Development in Canada, there are tons of teaching opportunities available for candidates. The opportunity can range from good to moderate depending on the province you choose to work at. 

For example, if you choose to work in Alberta, chances are moderate of having a satisfying job. However, if you choose to work in Northwest Territories, conditions are more than favourable, ie, very good as per the data. 

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How Much is the Starting Salary of Teachers in Canada? 

As we know, the geographical size of the country is massive. Teachers in Canada can earn up to CAD$ 49,410 (INR 30.6 lakhs) per year. Teachers in Alberta can earn up to CAD$ 58,500 (INR 36.23 lakhs) annually. It is to be noted that the salary of the teachers is dependent on the number of teaching experience one has. 

Additionally, a primary school teacher in Canada can earn up to $ 49,431 (INR 30.6 lakhs approx.) per year. And the salary for high school teachers can go up to $ 54,987 (INR 34 lakhs approx.) per year. Teachers having Science and oral/verbal communication skills can get more salary as compared to their peers.

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Eligibility Criteria for Teaching Jobs in Canada 

There are some basic eligibility requirements established by the Canadian Government to become a teacher in Canada. Candidates willing to pursue their teaching career in Canada must read the below-mentioned eligibility criteria. 

  • A bachelor’s degree in education and provincial certification. 
  • Prior job experience in teaching
  • English proficiency or French proficiency is a must. 
  • No criminal background with a Character reference.
  • Must be familiar with the Canadian education system. 

List of Teaching Jobs in Canada

Check below some of the top teaching jobs available in Canada:

  • Teacher- Special Education (ESE) Pre-School (PreK)
  • K-8 Teaching position 2023 2024 academic year
  • Speech-Language Pathologist – Early Intervention/ Early Childhood Special Education
  • Primary Teacher
  • Online Duolingo English Test Teacher
  • Grade 3 Teacher


Are teaching jobs in demand in Canada?

Yes, Canada offers great opportunities and excellent salary packages for teaching professionals in Canada. One can earn up to INR 40 lakhs per year. 

How can I get teaching jobs in Canada?

A bachelor’s degree and a provincial certificate are typically required for teaching jobs in Canada.

What is the average salary of a teacher in Canada?

The average teacher salary in Canada is around INR 40 Lakhs annually.

Many of you must be thinking about whether teaching jobs are in demand in Canada right now or not. The answer to your question is yes, they are! The blog article has all the relevant information to make you choose Canada as your new country to settle in and enjoy one of the high-paying jobs in Canada right now.  For more such blogs on abroad jobs, follow Leverage Edu.

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