Explore the Nurse Practitioner Salary in Australia 2024

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nurse practitioner salary in Australia

In the healthcare sector, one of the most well-liked professions is that of nurse practitioner. Numerous individuals aspire to work in such fields. It’s a well-known position with lots of possibilities for advancement in Australia. However, it’s also crucial to understand the Australian nurse practitioner pay before setting out on your trip.We have covered the pay for nurse practitioners in India in this post, along with a number of other job-related topics. This material will undoubtedly aid in your detailed understanding of this career.


Here are the main Types of Nursing Jobs and Their Highest Salaries in Australia

How Much a Nurse Practitioner Can Earn in Australia

In Australia, Nurse Practitioners can expect to earn an average annual salary of 82,200 AUD, which translates to 6,850 AUD per month. However, the salary range can vary depending on experience and other factors. Some Nurse Practitioners may start their careers at a lower annual salary of 38,100 AUD (3,175 AUD monthly), while more experienced practitioners can earn up to  128,400 AUD annually (10,700 AUD monthly).

One thing that every prospective nurse practitioner has to know is the monthly wage. As nurse practitioners, they receive a number of additional perks in addition to their pay. These benefits are owed to all Indian healthcare professionals.

Explore the Factors Affecting Average Salary in Australia 2024

Experience Wise Nurse Practitioner Salary in Australia

While nurse practitioners may not start out with a large wage, it is crucial to remember that as they gain experience, their pay tends to rise significantly. This study aims to investigate the changes in nurse practitioner salaries based on experience levels.

nurse practitioner salary in Australia

Education Wise Nurse Practitioner Salary in Australia

Here we have calculated the salary range of a nurse practitioner in Australia based on the level of education. 

Education Average Salary Per Year 
Bachelor’s Degree49,700 AUD
Master’s Degree74,900 AUD
PhD127,600 AUD

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Organisation Wise Nurse Practitioner Salary in Australia

The top organizations for nurse practitioners to work for are shown below, along with an average yearly income from each.

Organisation Average Salary Per Year 
St. Vincent’s Hospital61,000 AUD-71,000 AUD 
Western NSW Local Health District89,000 AUD-130,000 AUD 
Sydney Health & Care Services73,000 AUD-85,000 AUD 
Western Sydney Local Health District64,000 AUD-76,000 AUD 
Government of South Australia85,000 AUD-127,963 AUD 
Northern NSW Local Health District75,000 AUD-128,143 AUD 
Western Sydney Local Health District86,000 AUD-128,826 AUD 
Queensland Government75,000 AUD-129,094 AUD
Northside Hospital45,000 AUD- 58,000 AUD 
St Vincent’s Health Australia94,000 AUD-113,000 AUD 
The Lucy Rose Clinic55,000 AUD- 70,000 AUD 
Western NSW Local Health District116,000 AUD-113,000 AUD 
Mid North Coast Local Health District124,000 AUD-134,000 AUD 
John Hunter Hospital56,000 AUD-85,000 AUD
Montefiore50,000 AUD-114,000 AUD 
NSW Government65,000 AUD- 143,000 AUD 

City Wise Nurse Practitioner Salary in Australia

Nurse practitioners’ compensation is highly influenced by their geographic location. Here, we’ve included the Australian nurse practitioner salary range broken down by city. 

nurse practitioner salary in Australia

Positions Wise Nurse Practitioner Salary in Australia

Depending on their area of expertise, nurse practitioners can be of several varieties. Below is a comprehensive list of the various categories of nurse practitioners.

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse106,296 AUD 
Physician Assistant69,883 AUD 
Emergency Medicine Physician135,686 AUD 
Family Medicine Physician90,697 AUD 
Primary Care Physician112,736 AUD 
Family Nurse Practitioner80,348 AUD 
Professor166,551 AUD 
Instructor72,732 AUD 
Registered Nurse82,373 AUD 
Registered Health Nurse88,624 AUD
Case Manager91,239 AUD 
Clinical Nurse107,951 AUD 
Lecturer114,655 AUD 
Practitioner115,900 AUD 
Nurse Manager120,635 AUD 

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Q1: How much do practice nurses make in Australia?

In Australia, the average pay for a practicing nurse is $83,980 annually, or 43.07 AUD per hour. Entry-level salaries typically begin at 75,070 AUD annually, while the majority of experienced workers earn up to 122,031 AUD annually.

Q2: What is the highest-paid nurse in Australia?

Check out the highest-paid nurses in Australia for 2023 below.
Nurse Practitioner – 129,500 AUD
Nurse Consultant – 118,721 AUD
Nurse Manager – 116,441 AUD
Emergency Room Registered Nurse – 108,784 AUD
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) – 104,018 AUD
Clinical Nurse Specialist – 102,708 AUD
Nurse Educator – 102,343 AUD

Q3: Are nurse practitioners in demand in Australia?

Australia has had nurse practitioners for almost 20 years, although there are still not enough of them in the field—2,200 endorsed nurse practitioners as of 2024. In order to assist address disparities in results and access, this workforce must expand and ensure that all Australians have access to the care they require when they need it.

Q4: Is it hard to become a nurse practitioner in Australia?

The completion of a master’s degree in nursing is a prerequisite for becoming a Nurse Practitioner. A Registered Nurse license and at least three years of full-time advanced practice experience (within the last six years) are often requirements for admission to these courses. 

This was all information about the Nurse Practitioner Salary in Australia in 2024. If you want to read more such articles on salary updates follow Jobs Abroad on Leverage Edu Website. 

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