List of Project Manager Jobs in New Zealand

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Project Manager Jobs in New Zealand

Are you a management graduate? Looking out for project management jobs in New Zealand? Then, you are just at the right place!
New Zealand is considered one of the best countries to study and work for Indian students. This blog will provide you with information related to, what is project management, how to get project management jobs in New Zealand, industries and companies in New Zealand that offer project management jobs, and much more. Stay tuned and continue reading this blog to get detailed information on project manager jobs in New Zealand!


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Overview of Project Manager Jobs in New Zealand

Before exploring the companies and industries that require project managers in New Zealand, you must have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities of project managers. A project manager is a person/professional generally involved in organizing, planning, and executing the assigned projects under an allotted budget and time. 

Project managers are responsible for taking charge of the entire project and leading the team toward the accomplishment of the project. The person behind the success of any project be it a marketing campaign, developing a computer system, or introducing a new product in the market, is a project manager.

There are numerous project manager jobs in New Zealand. They earn a respectable salary to lead to a comfortable life in New Zealand. Students who have completed their master’s in management can opt for this career and be a project manager.

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List of Top Companies that Hire Project Managers in New Zealand

There are many job opportunities for a project manager in New Zealand. If you are an international student pursuing management studies in New Zealand, then, you can give a thought to project management. Project managers are required in many sectors such as IT, healthcare, marketing, construction, etc.

The following table represents some of the companies hiring project managers in New Zealand and their respective salaries on an annual basis:

Company NameSalary
Aedifice Property Group$140,000 – $160,000 per year
Momentum Consulting Group$100,000-$140,000 per year
Auckland Airport$131,000 per year
Williams Corporation Ltd$90,000-$120,000 per year
Renewables RPS$80,897
Cushman & Wakefield$11,61,900 per year
Cook Brothers Construction$180k – $200k p.a. + benefits
ALH Limited$94,500
Ventia$120K-$139K + perks
Randstad Digital$100K-$120K per annum + benefits

Levels Project Manager Jobs in New Zealand

The levels and designation of project manager jobs in New Zealand vary depending upon the industry and the seniority. Some kind of special certification could be helpful for the promotion. Here are some common job titles/levels of project manager jobs in New Zealand:

  • Junior Project Coordinator
  • Project Coordinator
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • Portfolio Manager
  • Director of Project Management
  • Chief Project Officer (CPO)
  • Project Management Consultant

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Skills and Qualifications Required for Project Management Jobs

Here are some skills as well as qualifications necessary to get project manager jobs in New Zealand:

Skills to Become a Project Manager

Working as a project manager in any company, you would be playing a key role as the success of the project will depend on your ability to handle the team. So, here are some skills required to become a successful project manager:

  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Critical thinking
  • Leadership
  • A sense of humor

Qualifications for Project Management Jobs

The following are the basic qualifications needed to become a project manager in New Zealand:

  • The candidate who has completed a bachelor’s degree in management, IT, or business with a minimum of 60% marks from a recognized university is eligible for project management.
  • Having experience in a relevant field would be an advantage.

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How to Find Project Management Jobs in New Zealand?

To find a job in New Zealand you need to formulate job search strategies, expand your network, and draft a plan for the job role you are interested in.

Here are some ways to find a project manager job in New Zealand:

  • Update the resume
  • Research the job websites
  • Update the LinkedIn profile
  • Build connections and expand your network
  • Visit the company website to look for vacancies
  • Connect with recruitment agencies
  • Prepare for interviews

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Hope the given information is fruitful to you in terms of seeking project manager jobs in New Zealand and building a successful career in management.


Q1. Are project managers in demand in New Zealand?

A. Yes, project managers are in high demand in New Zealand. This particular profession is crucial in the private and public sectors to handle the project efficiently and complete the assigned project on time. Almost 20,000 project managers are working in New Zealand.

Q2. Is project management a good career in New Zealand?

A. As this profession remains in high demand this factor indicates that project management is a good career to pursue in New Zealand. According to an estimate, specialist administrative positions in growth industries will remain high in demand in the future. 

Q3. How much does a project manager get paid in New Zealand?

A. The average annual salary of a project manager job in New Zealand ranges between NZ5,000 to NZ$1,20,000 per year.

So, we hope that this blog has provided you with relevant information on project manager jobs in New Zealand. And if you wish to study abroad, contact Leverage Edu for full assistance. You can also call us at 1800572000 and book a free session today!

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