How to Become a Radio Astronomer Abroad?

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Radio Astronomer

The science of researching astronomical bodies, such as stars, galaxies, and planets, using radio frequencies is known as Radio Astronomy. Radio astronomers must have a bachelor’s or a master’s or maybe a Ph.D. in astrophysics or astronomy. There are many top universities abroad that offer courses in radio astronomy. Check the article below to learn more about who is a radio astronomer, the education requirements to become a radio astronomer, roles and responsibilities, salary offered, top universities, how to become a radio astronomer, etc.


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Degrees Bachelors in Astronomy or Astrophysics, Master’s and Ph.D. in field specialization
SpecializationsExtragalactic Astronomy, High-Energy Astrophysics, Star Formation
Median Salary$119,730

Who is a Radio Astronomer?

Radio astronomers are the ones who process the information collected by a telescope. To help make sense of the strings of numbers collected, they convert the numbers into pictures. Each number represents information from a specific point in space. Colours are assigned to the numbers corresponding to the amount of information they represent. Radio astronomers then combine the colours to make a picture, visualizing the information to reveal some of the features of objects in the universe.

What is the Job of Radio Astronomers?

Check below the basic roles and responsibilities of Radio Astronomers given below: 

  • These astronomers use optical and radio telescopes to study stars, galaxies, and the larger structure of the universe in addition to optical and radio telescopes. 
  • Radio astronomers, on the other hand, study celestial objects in a completely different manner as compared to other types of astronomers. They have a greater opportunity to work in the afternoon than other types of astronomers because they can focus more at night. 
  • Radio astronomy discovered cosmic background radiation with the help of its most important discoveries. This is the science of studying celestial objects by observing the radio waves emitted by them using a radio telescope as radio waves are weak and a receiver or amplifier. 
  • They are also responsible for monitoring this output and also to create an image of what he or she is observing using computer programs.

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Steps to Become Radio Astronomers

Check below the important steps on how to become a radio astronomer:

  • Educational Requirements:
  • Develop the required skills: 
    • The candidates are required to develop the relevant skills and knowledge required to become radio astronomers such as studying the universe with a telescope
    • Join a club or society of astronomy as this will help you to meet new people and learn more about astronomy. Even the candidates can look for astronomy classes online
    • Learn to use science-related software programs and become proficient in using them. Learn software like AIDA, Orbit-Vis, or the Mars regional atmospheric modelling system.
    • Learn to work in a team as radio astronomers often work with their peers and other scientists as a team for a particular project
    • Improve language and communication skills
  • Required score in English Proficiency Test: Aspirants planning to study radio astronomy abroad must qualify for the English proficiency test such as IELTS with the appropriate score
  • Get a position as a radio astronomer:
    • For this candidates can look for a postdoctoral fellowship
    • Look for a position as a teacher in a university
    • Individuals can even apply for the open positions at an observatory
    • There are options available in aerospace or computer science or a space agency

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Career Information for Radio Astronomers

Generally, Radio astronomers are employed by government agencies, national laboratories, defence contractors, and private industries to perform research and assist in projects of development. Certain colleges and universities that involve teaching and research also employ radio astronomers. There is high competition for these jobs due to the popularity of the occupation.

Universities Offering Master’s Degrees in Radio Astronomy

Check below the universities offering master’s degrees in radio astronomy:

University of SouthamptonEngland
University at de BarcelonaSpain
University of HelsinkiFinland
West University of TimișoaraRomania
Cardiff UniversityWales
University of NevadaLas Vegas
University of GroningenNetherlands

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Salary Offered to Radio Astronomers

As per the research of past years, the median annual wage of astronomers in the U.S. was $119,730. However, as per the reports, the astronomers who worked for the federal government had an average salary of $146,440 per year, while astronomers who worked in colleges and universities earned an average annual salary of $96,570 however, it can always vary depending upon the level of education, skills & experience.

Individuals aspiring to become astronomers should be aware of the highly competitive nature of the field due to its overall popularity and high salary. For high-level jobs such as research-based positions, a doctorate is necessary whereas there are supporting and educational roles for those with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. 


What is the job of a radio astronomer?

Radio astronomers are responsible for studying celestial objects using a radio telescope. They also monitor celestial objects that emit radio waves.

Is it possible to do radio astronomy from home?

For doing radio astronomy from home one can build a rudimentary radio interferometer with at least two antennas. Refer to the Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers website to see an example of such an interferometer.

What is the salary of radio astronomers?

Depending upon the work experience, degree, and skills, the salary of a radio astronomer ranges between 1.5 lakhs per month to 6.2 lakhs per month.

This was all about how to become a radio astronomer. If you also want to explore such a profession and want to know more about the course that will help you build a career in abroad. contact Leverage Edu, you can call us at 1800 57-2000.

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