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Security Engineering

In contemporary times, Security Engineering courses have gained significant relevance due to the surging incidence of cyber attacks. The increasing cases of cybercrime can be attributed to the rapidly digitising world. To control these incidents of malpractice, top universities have designed multiple courses on computer networking and cyber security, which are ideal for people with an inclination toward computer science and information technology

This blog enlists different available courses and top universities providing these courses for international students. Keep reading to know other details about this branch of engineering

Why Choose Security Engineering?

Individuals with an interest in computer science and cybersecurity must think about opting for a course in security engineering. This discipline enables students to assess cyber threats, analyse the latest technologies, and implement state-of-the-art technological upgrades and cyber security laws to prevent cyber attacks. Additionally, this academic domain also imparts knowledge about policy-making and security management. People with a background in this engineering branch help address security issues and develop methodologies and technologies to avoid unpredictable situations. 

To become an efficient security engineer, one must be informed about the areas of study and relevant books. 

Security Engineering Eligibility Criteria

Students aspiring to study cyber security in foreign universities must adhere to the eligibility criteria determined by the particular university. Candidates must check the official website of interested universities to confirm the exact marks and document requirements. 

Here are the minimum requirements that must be met to secure admission to universities in foreign lands:

  • Candidates seeking admission to undergraduate courses must have cleared 10+2-level education from accredited colleges or schools.
  • Students aspiring to be admitted to postgraduate programmes must have completed Class 12 and a bachelor’s course from recognised schools/colleges and universities, respectively.
  • Candidates going for doctoral courses should have completed a bachelor-level course and a master-level course from certified institutions of higher education.
  • Applicants should appear for any of the English Language proficiency tests: TOEFL/PTE Academic/IELTS, as accepted by the concerned universities.
  • Applicants must possess a valid passport. 

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Top Universities for Security Engineering

Universities in the UK, USA, Canada, and Germany offer different degree courses for these computer science subjects. Students can check out the following universities and courses to determine their study abroad journey. 

Universities for Bachelor’s Courses

Given below is the list of top universities that offer bachelor’s courses in cyber security.

Universities Courses Course Duration QS World University Ranking 2023
IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany BSc Cyber Security (On-Campus and Online) 36 months
Touro University, USA BSc Cyber Security & Network Administration 46 months
Southeast Missouri State University, USA BSc Cybersecurity 48 months
The University of Nebraska at Kearney, USA BSc in Cybersecurity Operations 48 months 651-700
Buckinghamshire New University, UK BSc (Hons.) Cyber Security 36 months
London Metropolitan University, UK BSc (Hons.) Computer Networking & Cyber Security; BSc (Hons.) in Digital Forensics and Cyber Security 36 months; 48 months 801-1000
University of Greenwich, UK BSc (Hons.) in Computer Science with Cyber Security; BSc (Hons.) in Computer Security and Forensics 36 months 801-1000
Teesside University, UK BSc (Hons.) Cyber Security Management 36 months
Bournemouth University, UK BSc (Hons.) in Cyber Security Management; BSc (Hons.) Cyber Security with Digital Forensics 48 months;  801-1000
DePaul University, USA BSc in Cybersecurity (Online) 48 months

Universities for Master’s Courses

The table below enlists some of the highly eminent universities for security engineers.

Universities  Courses Course Duration QS World University Ranking 2023
IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany MSc Cyber Security 24 months
The University of Liverpool, UK MSc Cyber Security (Online and Part-time) 30 months 190
New York Tech Vancouver, Canada MSc in Cybersecurity 24 months
Central Michigan University, USA MBA in Cyber Security (Online) 24 months 1201-1400
Murray State University, USA MBA in Cybersecurity 24 months
SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Germany MSc in Computer Science with Cyber Security 18 months
London Metropolitan University, UK MSc in Computer Networking & Cyber Security 12 months 801-1000
Bath Spa University, UK MSc Cyber Security 12 months
The University of Greenwich, UK MSc in Operational Cyber Security  12 months 801-1000

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Universities for PhD Courses

Candidates can opt for the below-mentioned PhD course to research and innovate effective technologies to prevent and check cyber attacks.  

Universities Courses  Course Duration
Abertay University, UK PhD in Cyber Security 36 months

Security Engineering Course(s) Fees

Annual tuition fees of the aforementioned universities are included in the table below. Students are advised to refer to the official website to view the fee structure of interested courses. 

Universities Course Levels Annual Tuition Fees
IU International University of Applied Sciences Bachelor’s Online: $1,488 (INR 1,22,674); On-Campus: $4,436 (INR 3,65,716)
Touro University, USA Bachelor’s $12,160 (INR 10,02,503)
Southeast Missouri State University, USA Bachelor’s $13,155 (INR 10,84,534)
University of Nebraska at Kearney, USA Bachelor’s $14,900 (INR 12,28,396)
Buckinghamshire New University, UK Bachelor’s $15,045 (INR 12,40,351)
London Metropolitan University, UK Bachelor’s $15,286 (INR 12,60,219)
University of Greenwich, UK Bachelor’s $16,851 (INR 13,89,304)
Teesside University, UK Bachelor’s $16,851 (INR 13,89,304)
Abertay University, UK Doctorate $17,753 (INR 14,63,670)
IU International University of Applied Sciences Master’s Online: $1,906 (INR 1,57,142)
University of Liverpool, UK Master’s Part-time and Online: $6,138 (INR 5,06,056)
New York Tech Vancouver, Canada Master’s $11,767 (INR 9,69,946) 
Central Michigan University, USA Master’s Online: $11,916 (INR 9,82,228)
Murray State University, USA Master’s $13,200 (INR 10,88,068)
SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Germany Master’s  $13,255 (INR 10,92,601)
London Metropolitan University, UK Master’s  $15,948 (INR 13,14,584)
University of Greenwich, UK Master’s $16,851 (INR 13,89,304)

Security Engineering Application Process

The application process for undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs is distinct for each university and country. Students are advised to access the brochure/application process from the official website of the corresponding universities to get accurate information. Else, you can save your efforts and time by reaching out to experts at Leverage Edu, who will anchor you through the entire process.

  • Leverage Edu coaches will help you find the appropriate course and university with AI Course Finder.
  • Course selection will be followed by the initiation of your application process.
  • You are required to assemble and compile Essays, LORs, SOPs, and TOEFL/IELTS/PTE score cards to attach to your university application.
  • After submission of the university application and mandatory documents, Leverage Edu experts will then proceed with the application process for visas, education loans, scholarships, and accommodation. 
  • Students have to wait for the offer letter after these processes. A university generally takes around 4 to 6 weeks to send the offer letter to shortlisted candidates.

Documents Required

Students need to deposit the following documents for successful completion of the application process:

Security Engineering Syllabus

Candidates aspiring to become security engineers need to pursue cybersecurity courses. The syllabus of courses of different programme levels varies according to the guidelines of the university. However, the core areas of study in all universities remain the same. Here is a list of core areas of study for security engineering courses:

  • Computer systems and networks
  • Cryptography
  • Cyberlaw and Computer ethics
  • Security and software management
  • Principles of security design
  • Identification, prevention, and tackle cyber attacks
  • Cyber threat intelligence
  • Cyber defence

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Security Engineering Books

Here is a list of some of the widely read books by security engineering students:

Titles Authors
The Code Book Simon Singh
The Art of Invisibility Kevin Mitnick
Social Engineering Christopher Hadnagy
Hacking Jon Erickson
Ghost in the Wires William L. Simon & Kevin Mitnick

Security Engineering Career Scope

Students of Security Engineering courses can gain employment as Security Engineers, Chief Security Engineers, Information Security Managers, and Information Security Analysts. The average salary for these job profiles is as follows:

Job Profiles Average Annual Salary in India
Security Engineer INR 6.2 lakh
Chief Security Engineer INR 36 lakh
Information Security Analyst INR 5.5 lakh
Information Security Manager INR 18.2 lakh 


Q. What is the salary of a manager in cyber security?

A. The average annual salary of a cyber security manager in India is around INR 36 lakh.

Q. Is a security engineer a cybersecurity engineer?

A. Yes. The terms security engineers and cybersecurity engineers are used interchangeably. Both professionals are responsible for the same job in an organisation as they both are equipped to deal with cybercrime. 

Q. Are security engineers in demand?

With increasing digitisation and evolving technologies the demand for security engineers is expected to amplify at an exceptional rate. These IT professionals are needed to prevent cybercrime and invent ways to strengthen online security.

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