Is it Easy to Get a PR in Australia?

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PR in Australia

Being a developed nation and having a robust economy makes Australia a popular country among people to migrate as it provides them with better employment opportunities and a high standard of living. Though it stands for permanent residency, Australia gives PR visas to immigrants for 5 years. For this time period, immigrants can move to Australia with their families and live for up to 5 years in Australia. After 4 years immigrants with Australia PR can apply for citizenship. 

Which State Is Easy to Get PR in Australia?

For people who want to migrate to Australia, Tasmania might be a good option for them to get PR and citizenship in an easy and convenient way. It is considered the best place for international workers who want to settle in Australia. The best part is that there is no occupational ceiling in Tasmania for overseas workers. Therefore, if your occupation is not on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), you can still find multiple opportunities. However, there are many Australian states where one can choose to live, but the perfect answer to which state is easy to get PR in Australia is Tasmania.

Advantages of Holding an Australian PR Visa

When it comes to having an Australian PR visa as opposed to other visa types, it has various benefits it akin to the advantages of being a citizen of Australia such as 

  • With an Australian PR visa, a person is eligible to travel to New Zealand and even apply for a visa there.
  • A person with a PR visa has the right to apply for government jobs in Australia.
  • Within two years of holding an Australian PR visa, a person becomes eligible for social security benefits there.
  • With a PR visa, a person can live and travel in any part of Australia.
  • An Australian PR visa allows a person to pursue higher education in the universities of Australia and even apply for specific education loans.
  • If the relatives of a person with a PR visa meet certain requirements then he/she can even sponsor their PR.

Now that we have read about the benefits of an Australian PR Visa let us look at some of the important points that will help you in your visa journey.

  1. The fee is refunded if the application gets rejected due to policy changes- If your application gets selected, you will eventually receive permanent residency after following the proper procedures, unless policy changes and your line of work becomes less in demand, in which case the government will reimburse your application money. Also, you might not be invited if you just have marginally qualifying points.
  1. The candidate has to renew his/her visa after 5 years- You must visit Australia once to verify your PR (typically one year from your PR’s medical date) and apply for a Resident Return Visa (RRV) when your visa expires (typically five years); otherwise, if you are outside of Australia when your visa expires, you will lose your PR status. However, you are permitted to stay in Australia without requesting a resident return visa. After living in Australia continuously on a PR for four years, many people choose to apply for citizenship. Some people continue to choose RRV because they want to maintain their citizenship in their home country if that country doesn’t permit dual citizenship. 
  1. The PR status is not associated with the employment status of the candidate- Even if you have PR status your right to work is unrelated to your employment situation, which means you cannot apply for government assistance during the first two years of your residency if you are unemployed. In this context, PR refers to the freedom to work anywhere and for any employer you want. You can (and should) get income protection insurance, which can assist you for up to a year or so in the event of involuntary redundancy or any other disability (depending upon the terms and conditions of your policy). 
  1. Consultancy claim of getting a PR in 7 months is redundant- A PR cannot be obtained in 7 months, as claimed by a “consultancy.” Every case is unique, and the PR process might go anywhere from a few months to many years. The process for applying for an American green card and an Australian PR cannot be compared in terms of time.
  1. Australian PR allows the same benefits to candidates as received by Australian citizens- With Australian PR, you will have access to all of the same rights as an Australian citizen, with the exception of voting. This includes free or discounted medical care, free or discounted child care, tax benefits, etc.

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Basic Eligibility Requirements to Apply for an Australian PR Visa

You can apply for an Australia PR visa in a number of different categories, each of which has a distinct eligibility standard. However, the following are the basic eligibility criteria:

Points system– To award a candidate Australian PR status points system is used by the authorities. The minimum point required in order to be eligible for Australian PR is 65. The table below shows the number of points allocated to different criteria-

Criteria Points Allocated 
Unmarried Applicants or married applicants having a spouse who is an Australian citizen or PR holder 10 points 
Candidates with a spouse who is proficient in the English language (without age or skills requirement) 5 points 
Relative or regional sponsorship (491 visa)15 points 
Candidates with a spouse who is a skilled worker (meeting the requirements of age, English proficiency and skills)10 points 
State sponsorship (190 visas)5 points 
Professional year in a skilled program in Australia5 points 
Certified in community language 5 points 
Study in a regional area5 points 
Candidates having skills in a specific field which include a Doctorate or Master’s degree by research in Australia10 points 
Candidates having pursued their education outside Australia – Doctorate degree20 points 
Candidates have worked in Australia (8-10 years)20 points 
Candidates have worked outside Australia (8-10 years)15 points 
Proficiency in English (8 bands)20 points 
Age (25-32 years)30 points 

Language proficiency- The candidate applying for Australian PR  should have proficiency in the English language.

Age- To be eligible for Australian PR visa candidates need to be below 45 years of age.

Skilled Occupation Lists- The list below contains occupations that are currently accepted by the authorities to let candidates migrate to Australia. This list is constantly modified by authorities according to the changing needs of the Australian job market. The occupations are classified into three skills list categories-

  1. Regional Occupations List (ROL)
  2. Short-term Skilled Occupations List (SSOL)
  3. Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL)


Q1: Australian PR is available to Indians?

Ans. If you are a skilled worker or a business professional who holds Indian citizenship, you are eligible to apply for an Australia Permanent Resident Visa. To be eligible for the PR Visa category of your choosing, you must also meet all other eligibility conditions and have a score of at least 60. You will need Academic credentials.

Q2: Is obtaining PR challenging in Australia?

Ans. With the aid of an immigration consultant, the process of obtaining a PR visa for Australia can be made simple. Many people have benefited from our experience of more than 15 years in obtaining Australia PR visas. Processing times can vary depending on a variety of factors.

Q3: Can I obtain PR in Australia with 75 points?

Ans. Under subclasses 189 and 190, the applicant must receive at least 65 points on the Australian immigration points calculator. This is the prerequisite for skilled occupation-based immigration to Australia.

Acquiring an Australian PR visa is not that difficult provided that you meet eligibility requirements and score good points according to the points system of Australian PR. Going through all the information it can be concluded that a person with Australian PR holds a Permanent Residency visa and is not a citizen of Australia. Holders of a PR visa are permitted to reside, work, and further their education in the nation, but they are not eligible to vote or apply for public employment. Citizens of their own nation are those who live there permanently.

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Hope you will get to know the full process of getting PR in Australia, for such an informative article follow Leverage Edu.

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  1. Very good and informative Articles. How can a Business man get PR visa for Australia? As my date of birth is 01/02/1971

  1. Very good and informative Articles. How can a Business man get PR visa for Australia? As my date of birth is 01/02/1971