Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Singapore 2024

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highest paying jobs in singapore

The job market of Singapore is economically good and well flourishing. In Singapore, certain careers stand out for their high-earning potential jobs. This blog explores the top highest-paying jobs in Singapore, offering detailed insights into the roles that offer the most handsomely paid salaries. If you are a working professional considering a hike in the job then this guide provides valuable information on the best-paying job opportunities in Singapore along with this you will get informed on how to search for jobs and where to search for jobs etc.


Why To Work In Singapore?

For professionals who desire to get a job in Singapore and want to have an insight into the work benefits offered in Singapore here are some of the working benefits are mentioned below for your reference-

Annual Leave 

In Singapore, all employees get seven days of annual leave which increases with years of working experience in the same organisation.

highest paying jobs in singapore

Maternity/Paternity Leave

When a female employee gets pregnant then she gets the maternity leave benefit after the birth of the child and male employees get paternity leave benefits this is also possible that both the parents can get shared parental leave.

Sick leave

As per the Employment Act in Singapore, an employee gets 14 days of outpatient leave along with 60 days of hospitalisation leave.

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Know About the Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In Singapore

For those who aspire to get a job in Singapore here some of the best highest paying jobs in Singapore are listed below with the average  annual income-

Business Development

Professionals involved in Business development are responsible for the creation of long-term value for a company from customers, markets and relationships.

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
  Business Development 50,000 SGD to 110,000SGD

Regional Category Manager

A Regional Category Manager is a type of senior-level position in which the professionals ensure the development and implantation of the marketing strategies for a product within a region or for a specific product.

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
Regional Category Manager60,000 SGD to 120,000 SGD

Software Engineers

A Software Engineer uses engineering knowledge and principles of programming language to prepare software solutions for the end users. To become a Software Engineer it is necessary to have a degree in Btech(Bachelor of Technology) in computer science engineering or in a related field.

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
Software Engineer48,000 SGD to 96,000 SGD

Market Research Analyst

To generate a good amount of revenue a Market Research Analyst uses data and analytical techniques and reads market conditions, consumer behavior and other factors. After reading the data and its various aspects they make decisions to meet the company’s desired profit.

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
 Market Research Analyst 50,000 SGD to 90,000 SGD

IT Cyber Security Manager

IT Cyber Security Managers manage and observe all the operations occurring across the network and look after the infrastructure that facilitates those operations.

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
IT Cyber Security Manager 90,000 SGD to 150,00 SGD
highest paying jobs in singapore

Project Manager

A project Manager plans executes and closes projects as per the strict deadlines and under the offered budget. They lead the entire team, communicate with stakeholders, define the goal of the project and manage the whole project.

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
Project Manager 90,000 SGD to 150,000 SGD

DevOps Engineer

The DevOps Engineers are responsible for creating the gap between software development and IT operations. Basically, they introduce processes, tools, and methodologies to manage balance throughout the life cycle of software development.

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
DevOps Engineer 80,000 SGD to 150,000 SGD

Quality Manager

A Quality Manager works to plan, implement and maintain quality standards for an organisation’s services and products. Their responsibilities also include developing and imposing quality control systems and conducting inspections and audits along with this they identified areas of improvement.  

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
 Quality Manager50,000 SGD to 100,000 SGD

Head Of Global Sourcing

Professionals in the position of the Head Of Global Sourcing have a significant impact on the company’s bottom line. and maintain the relations between suppliers and vendors required by companies.

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
Head Of Global Sourcing150,000 SGD to 250,000 SGD

Regional Marketing Manager

A Regional Marketing Manager

They are the local leaders in the company and they craft target strategies which resonate with their specific geographical area. 

Job TitlesAverage Annual Salary
 Regional Marketing Manager 65,000 SGD to 130,000 SGD 

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Ways To Find A Job In Singapore

There are many ways to search for jobs in Singapore but some of the the best ways are described before you reference-

  • Networking- There are many ways to get a job in Singapore and one of the ways is networking. Anyone can go for the networking option and can make networks while attending webinars and seminars and can pitch himself/herself after getting an opportunity.
  • Career Page- If anyone wants to target a specific company or an organisation you can just go to the website of that particular company and have to fill out the form while attaching a CV and resume to the career page.
  • Job Sites- There are many websites to search for jobs located in Singapore and it is the easiest method used by people widely due to the convenience. Some of the best websites are mentioned in the blog with their links for your reference.

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Best Sites To Search For The Jobs

To search for jobs located in Singapore here are some of the best websites mentioned below with the links for direct access-

Freelance Zonehttps://www.freelancezone.com.sg/
Indeed Singaporehttps://www.indeed.com/q-jobs-in-singapore-jobs.html


Is it expensive to live in Singapore?

As per the EIU Singapore is the second most expensive city in the world so due to this report it is clear that the expenses in Singapore are high and the cost of utilities is also high in Singapore.

Is it worth moving to Singapore from India?

Singapore is 6.5 times more expensive than India and if you are deciding to move to Singapore from India then be ready to spend more on your utilities there is a high possibility that the payoff can be worth it. 

How to get hired in Singapore?

To get hired in Singapore there are steps as follows-
Research industries
Prepare resume and CV
Apply on job sites
Lastly, wait for the response and due to this time prepare well for the interview.

Here we end our article which was about the highest paying jobs in Singapore and to get more information about jobs abroad you can follow the Leverage Edu’s page.

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