Jobs in USA for Indians: Detailed Guide

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Jobs in USA for Indians

Job in USA for Indians: There are over 1000 jobs in the United States for Indians, from warehouse clerks to software developers. The market for employment in the United States is expanding fast in fields such as finance, technology, business management, and healthcare, among others. The United States is well-known for its academics and post-study employment prospects.


To Study in USA, candidates need to fulfill eligibility first. After completing studies in US-based universities students want to get jobs in the USA. There are plenty of job opportunities for Indians with relevant skills and profile strengths to help them reach their professional goals. If you’re seeking to relocate to the US, then you should be aware of job applications, job roles, and recruitment websites. Keep reading the article to know more about the same in detail. 

Importance of Part-time Jobs

International students who wish to seek a part-time job in the US must obtain a work visa from USCIS. A part-time job allows you to manage extra costs, build professional connections, and develop social abilities that will strengthen your CV.

Indian immigrants can supplement their income in the United States in a variety of ways. The location of your studies has a major effect on your part-time earnings. In the United States, the average hourly salary can be as high as USD $15 per hour in some places while being as low as $7.25 in others. Part-time work in the United States for Indians is roughly classified as off-Campus and on-Campus Part-time Jobs.

How to Get Jobs in USA?

Getting jobs in USA for Indians is not an easy task. They need to work on their skills and apply them with the right process. Below, we have explained the application process for getting a job there. Keep in mind that this is not at all mandatory to complete your education at top universities in USA.

Application Process

The first step in getting a job in the United States for Indians is applying for a job and a working visa. There are numerous job search platforms in the United States, and a lot of these can be contacted prior to your arrival. We have mentioned the procedures below to help you with your job application in the USA.

  • Step 1: Begin your job search on sites such as CareerBuilder, LinkedIn Flexjobs, Glassdoor, Indeed, Monster, and other job boards in the United States.
  • Step 2: Conduct thorough inquiries about the organization’s profile, operating domain, as well as what they are seeking.
  • Step 3: Write a cover letter in which you explain why you’re applying to the organisation. Also, throughout the letter, emphasize your interests and skills.
  • Step 4: Share your resume with the organisation to whom you are applying and also heck that your qualifications match the requirements of the job.

Job Hunting Websites 

Here is a list of websites grouped by category that can assist you in finding specialized a job and open positions. You can narrow down your search by requirements, income estimate, job kind, experience level, and so on. This below-mentioned website offers full-time and part-time job opportunities to skilled workers.

  • Freelance jobs – Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork 
  • Technical Jobs – Dice, Stack, GitHub, Overflow, Angel.co, Hired.com 
  • Design -AwesomeWeb, Dribbble, Coroflot, Carbonmade, Behance
  • Hospitality – eHotelier, Hcareers.com, Hospitality Online, LinkUp, iHireHospitality
  • Sales – SalesJobs.com, Sales Gravy, SalesHeads.com, Rainmakers, SalesTrax 

Salary Wise Roles in USA

Indians desire to work in the United States since it has the best salaries for skilled professionals worldwide. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, there will be a 30-50% increase in job responsibilities such as nurses, wind service workers, waiters and assistants, cooks, managers, IT, computer web developers, researchers, and so on. The table below contains information on the high-paying jobs in the United States for Indians.

Job roleJob category Annual Package 
Software Manager, IT Managers, IT Associate Health care workers$207,000
Pilots, Flight engineersAirlines$1207682
Business and FinanceInformation Technology$138,330
Business Manager, Bank Manager, Investor, Finance Manager, Budget ManagerBUsiness and Finance$121,000
Data specialist, Data scientistsData Science$108,000
Architectural ManagerArchitecture $150,000


Where can we search for hospitality jobs in USA?

(1) eHotelier
(2) Hcareers.com
(3) Hospitality Online
(4) LinkUp
(5) iHireHospitality
are some popular websites to search for Hospitality jobs online.

What are some of the popular part-time on-campus jobs in the USA?

(1) Educational Assistant
(2) Researcher Assistant
(3) Bookstore Assistant
(4) Dept Assistant
(5) Coaching Tutor
(6) Campus Ambassador
(7) Tech Support
are all popular part-time jobs in USA for Indians. 

How much can a Data Scientist earn in USA?

On average a Data scientist in the USA earns $108,000 USD (INR 8845664.40) annually.

Such jobs are enough to pay one’s bills, be it academic or lifestyle. Don’t forget to stay connected with Leverage Edu for information related to getting jobs in the USA for Indians. Also, keep following us on InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Linkedin

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