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A lot of people who like figuring things out and learning new things go into research as their career. There is a common misconception of associating researchers with only scientists and engineers. On the contrary, researchers work in many different fields, often doing fieldwork or experiments. Besides, research jobs give you the chance to carry out research in a specific area of study. Researchers gather and examine information via experiments, surveys, and observations. Such scholars can find employment in academic institutions, governmental bodies, commercial enterprises, as well as nonprofit groups. If you think this would be a good career route for you, you can compare several careers to discover which best suits your interests and skill set.


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Benefits of Doing Research Jobs 

A job in research provides you with deep learning about your areas of interest. There are several benefits to research jobs; a few of them are mentioned below:

  • Working as a researcher abroad offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see new locations and get a taste of other cultures and countries. It provides you with opportunities to make contacts and meet new individuals, both of which are quite fulfilling.
  • Jobs in research give you broad expertise in a variety of fields. Also, it encompasses engineering, the natural and biological sciences, and disciplines like the humanities, social sciences, and arts. Research can cover a wide range of topics, from demographic studies to statistical analysis, including how technology affects social inclusion and exclusion.
  • Two of the main advantages of a research profession are its independence and its stimulating character. You can choose your own priorities and work schedule, as well as select the study topics that most urgently interest you if you are successful in obtaining money from a third party.

List of Top Countries for Research Jobs

Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, and a few more are on the top list of countries offering jobs in research fields. Moreover, all these countries provide you with deep knowledge of cultural diversity and new techniques of research.

Best Research Jobs in Switzerland

Here is a list of job opportunities in Switzerland that you can explore in the field of research: 

Job Positions Average Salary 
ResearcherCHF 84,594 per year
Research ScientistCHF 90,196 per year
Clinical Research AssociateCHF 1,04,739 per year
Research AssistantCHF 4,078 per year
AnalystCHF 94,332 per year
Research AnalystCHF 1,04,023 per year
Research AssociateCHF 62,370 per year
Postdoctoral ResearcherCHF 93,923 per year
Senior Research ScientistCHF 1,09,538 per year

Best Research Jobs in USA 

Here is a list of job opportunities in USA that you can explore in the field of research: 

Job Positions Average Salary 
Research Scientist$2,98,117 per year
Research Scientist I$1,29,762 per year
Research Analyst$79,349 per year
Researcher$61,262 per year
Research Associate$69,126 per year
Clinical Research Assistant$54,133 per year
Graduate Research Assistant$65,188 per year
Lab Assistant$43,856 per year
Research Assistant$39,194 per year

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Best Research Jobs in  Canada 

Here is a list of job opportunities in Canada that you can explore in the field of research: 

Job Positions Average Salary 
Research AssociateCA$70,050 per year
Graduate Research AssistantCA$28,880 per year
Clinical Research AssistantCA$52,434 per year
Lab AssistantCA$40,855 per year
Research ScientistC$60,333–C$155,950 per year
Innovation Research Coordinator C$50,710–C$63,388 per year
Research Assistant CA$33,584 per year
Postdoctoral Researcher – Media EcosystemC$34,611 per year
Research AnalystC$75,000–C$85,950 per year

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Best Research Jobs in the United Kingdom

Here is a list of job opportunities in United Kingdom that you can explore in the field of research:

Job Positions Average Salary 
Research Technician£31,396- £36,024 per year
Graduate Research Analyst£27,000 – £32,000 per year
Business Research Analyst£45,000 – £55,000 per year
Healthcare Research Assistant£22,000 – £24,000 per year
Research Executive £20,000 – £30,000 per year
Research Assistant£30,487 – £36,024 per year
Senior Researcher£42,000 – £56,800 per year
Research Network Manager£43,605 – £45,900 per year
Director of Research and Policy£73,621 – £90,905 per year
Research Development Manager£61,896 – £71,057 per year

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Best Research Jobs in Australia

Here is a list of job opportunities in Australia that you can explore in the field of research: 

Job Positions Average Salary 
Postdoctoral Researcher$1000,000-$200,000 per year
Research Officer$93,017 – $102,676 per year
Senior Researcher$115,425 – $121,680 per year
Clinical Research Associate$77,937 to $82,787 per year
Research Manager$120,000 – $125,000 per year
Senior Research Officer$104,633 – $113,992 per year
Strategic Research Officer$106,025 – $117,363 per year
Research Assistant$83,384 per year
Customer Research and Insights Manager$130,000 per year

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Top Companies Hiring for Research Jobs Abroad 

Here is a list of some top companies that pay high salaries for research jobs. 

Companies Average Pay scale 
IBM$194,486 per year
Microsoft$169,769 per year
Meta$164,268 per year
ORAU/ORISE$107,927 per year
Genentech$102,413 per year
National Renewable Energy Laboratory$102,413 per year
Procter & Gamble$64,181 per year
Entertainment Works Inc$58,497 per year


Is a research assistant a researcher?

A research assistant (RA) is a researcher who works for a university, research institute, or privately held company, usually on a temporary basis, to support their academic or corporate research projects.

What are the roles of a research assistant?

Here is the list of Research Assistant Job Responsibilities and Duties
Prepare questions for interviews and gather information.
carries out experiments for research.
highlights the findings after data analysis.
proofread and verify facts in documents.
creates spreadsheets and graphs to illustrate findings.
keeps up the research apparatus.

What is the salary of a research scientist abroad?

The average income for a scientist in Switzerland is $95,000 per year. It is the nation that is ranked as having the highest salaries for scientists worldwide. The US, Japan, Australia, and Germany are the other nations that are adjacent to it. The top scientists can make over $100,000 a year working in the private sector.

Which country pays researchers the most?

Switzerland is the nation with the highest wage for scientists in the world, with the average scientist there earning approximately $95,000 (in euros, too). The top scientists can make over $100,000 a year, although they are mostly employed by the private sector.

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