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blue book traineeship

The Blue Book Traineeship, also known as the EU Traineeships Program, offers young professionals the opportunity to get firsthand knowledge of how the European Union operates. The European Commission, the European Parliament, and the European Council are just a few of the EU organizations and bodies that are offering traineeships as part of the initiative. International students and recent graduates are also qualified for the Blue Book Traineeship. To be considered, applicants must be at least 21 years old, have a university degree, and be fluent in two or more EU official languages. Reading this blog will help you learn more about the Blue Book Traineeship.


Benefits of Blue Book Traineeship

The European Union provides students from both EU and non-EU countries with a Fully Funded Blue Book Traineeship Program each year. Some of the key advantages of a Blu Book Traineeship are listed below:

  • The European Union Blue Book Traineeships Program allows participants to complete assignments related to their academic area of specialization. 
  • The program’s participants will comprehend EU policies and decision-making processes better. 
  • Participating in the EU Traineeships Program may be advantageous for young professionals looking to expand their networks and gain experience in EU institutions. 
  • Additionally, it offers a unique opportunity to learn about the EU’s decision-making process, take part in the creation of EU policy, and access employment opportunities across the EU.

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Blue Book Traineeship Program Deadlines 2023

The deadline to register for the Blue Book Traineeship Program was 31 August 2023, at 10:00 CET. Even though the registration deadline has gone, you can still wait and apply for a new session whenever the forms are again made available.  

By taking part in the Bluebook Traineeship, one can learn about EU policies and decision-making processes as well as obtain a first-hand understanding of how the EU functions.

The duration of this training is about 5 months. It offers the opportunity to broaden your professional networks, gain practical work experience, and perhaps even open doors to future employment opportunities.

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Numerous financial benefits will be given to the selected candidates. Participation in the Bluebook Traineeship Program in Europe is free of charge. The EU Commission covers the following:

  • There is a stipend of €1350 each month. 
  • The visa’s price is covered. 
  • The cost of medical care is covered. 
  • The EU will pay for the trip’s expenses.

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Eligibility Criteria 

The Blue Book Traineeship is open to graduate students as well as undergraduates. The traineeship program is open to participants of any age. Have a look at the eligibility criteria for Bluebook Traineeship:

  • The applicant must have successfully finished at least three years of college or possess an equivalent degree.
  • At least two EU official languages, one of which must be the language of the host institution, must be well-understood by the candidate.
  • The applicant cannot already have finished a traineeship at the organisation where they are applying.
  • The applicant must be in excellent health and capable of carrying out the traineeship’s responsibilities.

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Application Process

The Blue Book traineeship will be held in Belgium and Luxembourg for a period of 5 months. They favour applicants without prior work experience for this program. Follow the steps provided below to apply for the Bluebook Traineeship:

Step 1: To start your application, sign up for an account with the European Commission Authentication Service on the official website of Blue Book traineeship. In case you are a new user, register yourself first. 

Step 2: Complete the sign-up form, then click “Submit.”

Step 3: For confirmation, check your email account (including your spam folder), then click the link to “create your password.”

Step 4: Select a password, then enter it.

Step 5: Click “proceed” to access the application form, and then log in using either your email address or your ECAS username. Electronic IDs are not permitted for login by candidates for EC traineeships.

Step 6: To access the application form, log into your candidate account, click send an application, then select the traineeship type. 

Step 7: Now, upload all the required documents. 

Step 8: You will need to wait for the application evaluation results after your application has been submitted. The outcomes will be sent to you through email. If accepted, you will be allowed to apply for open traineeship positions.  

Required Documents 

The documents that you need to submit during your application process are: 

  • A copy of a valid ID card or passport,
  • A copy of University qualifications of studies finished before the deadline for applications, 
  • Proof of all declared language skills,
  • Proof of participation in EU or international programmes, university exchange programmes abroad, seminars or workshops, and 
  • Proof of all declared work experience.

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Selection Process

Now that we have understood in detail the application process for this program, it’s time to dive deep into its selection process. This is what the selection process for Blue Book Traineeship looks like:

Receipt of Applications

You register, fill out, and submit your application together with all required paperwork.

Assessment and Eligibility Check

Your application will be reviewed once the application period has concluded based on your academic background, language proficiency, and other competencies, skills, and attributes, such as having an international profile, work experience, credentials, and other accomplishments.

Applications that do not adhere to formal standards or eligibility restrictions, or are unsupported or just partially supported by justification documents are denied. The Virtual Blue Book (VBB) contains the 3,000 successful candidates with the highest scores.


The Blue Book candidates are asked to submit applications for up to three traineeship jobs. You will be given information on how to access the Virtual Blue Book portal, where numerous positions are proposed by Commission Directorates-General (DGs), Services, and Agencies for the upcoming traineeship session. The number of posts being offered corresponds to the number of trainees in each session.    

  • Read the job description and the post’s specifics thoroughly.
  • You can favourite as many spots as you’d like.
  • You may simultaneously apply for up to three positions. Applications will be accepted for traineeship jobs at VBB for a period of one week.
  • Once the maximum number of applicants has been met or after one week, post opportunities will no longer be visible.
  • The Directorates-General (DGs), services, and agencies will choose the best applicants from among all those who applied for their positions over the course of the next two weeks.     

While certain Commission departments or agencies only rely on the application forms, others may contact their prospects immediately for an informal interview.  If none of your three VBB applications is accepted, there is still a chance that you will be chosen by a Service whose opening has not yet been closed.  The entire list of unsuccessful candidates will remain available to DGs, services, and agencies after the initial selection phase. As long as there are open jobs or until the VBB is closed, the second selection round will go on. 

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Q1. How much do you get paid for the Blue Book traineeship?

Ans. You are paid a monthly allowance of €1350 during the Blue Book traineeship program. 

Q2. Is the Blue Book traineeship worth it?

Ans. Yes, Blue Book trainee professionals at the European Commission gave their employer 4.4 out of 5 stars in 84 Glassdoor evaluations. The overall rating of European Commission staff is 4.1 out of 5, which is higher than the average score.

Q3. What is the duration of the Blue Book traineeship program?

Ans. The program will be held for a duration of 5 months. 

So, this was all about the Blue Book Traineeship. We hope that this blog clears all your doubts about this program. 

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