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Teacher Salary in USA

One of the most pursued careers in the USA is teaching. There are a huge number of role openings in the country for teachers be it elementary, high school, or preschool teachers. This career is also a top choice for people looking for part-time jobs. The job provides you with several opportunities and also with spare time to do other activities. When choosing a career one important factor to consider is salary. Read this blog to know everything about teacher salary in USA.


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Average Teacher Salary In USA

The average salary of a teacher in the USA is 67,600 USD. The average highest and lowest salaries along with the monthly ratio are given below:

Average yearly salary 67,600 USD
Average highest yearly salary105,200 USD
Average lowest yearly salary29,400 USD
Average monthly salary5,633 USD
Average highest monthly salary8,799 USD
Average lowest monthly salary2,450 USD

Teacher Salary In USA Based On Experience Level

The level of salary increases with the level of experience. Experience nourishes you with a good margin of skills and proficiency in the work. Your practicality and knowledge get paid in terms of salary. A two years of experience in teaching can get a salary hike of around 38%. Following are the years of experience level and average salary: 

teacher salary in usa

Teacher Salary In USA Based On Gender

Teaching is one of the professions in the USA that comes with no salary difference based on the gender of the employee. Despite a lot of efforts being made to eradicate gender differences in the workplace, there are still many professions that still face some differences in various factors, salary being one of them. But the teaching in USA comes with 0% of the difference in salary between male and female employees.

Teacher Salary In USA In Different Sectors

The public sector i.e. government sector usually pays a higher salary and benefits to the employees when compared to the public sector. In the job of teaching, the amount that the government sector pays has been calculated to be around 6% more compared to the public sector.

Sector Average Pay
Private sector93,100 USD
Public sector 98,800 USD

Teacher Salary In USA Based On Education Level

Education level and salary level are directly proportional. The number of more years you put into education, gains you a lot of more knowledge and skills, in turn gaining you a higher salary. An employee with a master’s degree earns around 83% more than an employee with a bachelor’s degree.

teacher salary in usa

Pay Raise and Bonus On Teacher Salary In USA 

An incentive or pay raise is a percentage increase in your salary on a yearly or half-yearly basis. The percentage of pay raises is completely dependent on the performance and productivity of the employees and the employer. On an average teachers in the USA are reported to expect a 7% pay raise in salary every 12 months.

Teaching is a low bonus-based job and only a quarter of the whole teacher population reported the pay of bonus to them. The percentage bonus if paid is 0% to 4%.

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Teacher Salary In USA Compared Based On Different Cities

Different cities have differences in the pay scale of the teachers. To get a comparison in the pay, let us see the average pay of certain cities in the USA through the table below:

City Average Pay
Austin 71,100 USD
Boston 66,400 USD 
Atlanta63,700 USD
Chicago 77,300 USD
Dallas 69,600 USD
Denver 73,100 USD
Cleveland 62,100 USD
New York79,800 USD
Los Angeles80,200 USD
Las Vegas69,700 USD 
Miami 63,900 USD
Oakland 59100 USD

Teacher Salary In USA Compared To Similar Professions 

To have a better understanding of the salary, a comparison can be made between the teacher’s salary and salary in other professions in the same industry. The following table contains the average salary of certain professions:

Profession Average Pay
Academic coach102,700 USD
Librarian 73,500 USD
Academic manager116,400 USD
Academic Advisor100,700 USD
Archivist 69,700 USD
Art teacher 78,200 USD
Assistant teacher 67,500 USD
Career advisor100,200 USD
Career consultant102,700 USD
Childcare worker66,400 USD
College aide67,300 USD
Classroom Assistant99,100 USD


Is teaching a good profession in the USA?

Yes, teaching is a good career option in the USA. Teachers are always in demand and have developmental opportunities within the same profession. The job comes with sufficient income and spare time for other developmental activities.

What qualifications are required to be an elementary school teacher in the USA?

A bachelor’s or master’s degree is needed to become a teacher in the USA for elementary school. For a higher level, the teacher is required to have certification from teaching courses or specialized teaching training. 

What is the average salary of a teacher in the USA?

The average salary of a teacher annually in the USA is 67,600 USD. With the average highest salary being 105,200 USD and the average lowest being 29,400 USD.

This was all about the teacher salary in USA. To know about salaries or jobs in other professions or to read more such blogs, follow Jobs Abroad. To learn about studying abroad, follow Leverage Edu.

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