Detailed Description of Pharmacist Salary in Australia 2024

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Pharmacist Salary in Australia

Yes, it is common to know that researching labor laws, standards, and most importantly, the average income in your sector of choice, is crucial when considering employment in any country. Australia’s economy is doing quite well. Australia has one of the highest average salaries in the world as a result, but it’s crucial to understand Australian pay scales. You may find out more about Australian pharmacist wages in different companies, cities, and other aspects by using the guide below. 


Here are the main Factors Affecting the Average Salary in Australia in 2024

How Much Does a Pharmacist Make in Australia? 

As per the research of Indeed and Glassdoor, the average yearly salary of a pharmacist in Australia is around 114,900 AUD, and the average monthly salary is around 9,575 AUD. The lowest annual salary is 55,300 AUD, and the lowest monthly salary is around 4,608 AUD. On the other hand, the highest annual salary you can earn working as a pharmacist in Australia is around 175,100 AUD, and the highest monthly salary is 14,591 AUD.

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Pharmacist Salary in Australia Based on Experience Level 

Undoubtedly, experience has a significant impact on an individual’s income. In Australia, entry-level pharmacists will make between 45,000 and 52,000 dollars per year. For anyone looking to start or advance in this line of work, the information presented below in the form of a table is meant to be a useful guide.

Pharmacist Salary in Australia

Pharmacist Salary in Australia Based on Education Level 

One of the most crucial elements influencing the compensation pay scale is the salary by educational level. This is a list of education levels accompanied by pay ranges.

Education Level Average Salary Per Year 
Diploma 58,500 AUD 
Bachelor’s Degree.99,100 AUD
Master’s Degree152,700 AUD

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Pharmacist Salary in Australia Based on Organisation 

The primary factor influencing salary variations within a given industry is the employer’s capacity to pay, which is contingent upon the nature of the work and the customer.

Organisation Level Average Salary Per Year 
Western Sydney Local Health District97,686 AUD 
Priceline Pharmacy85,328 AUD 
NSW Department of Health1,00,800 AUD 
South West Sydney Local Health District88,592 AUD
Baxter70,000 AUD
Pharmaceutical Society of Australia79,000 AUD -90,000 AUD
Capital Chemist44,000 AUD -50,000 AUD
The Prince of Wales (St. Augustine)34,000 AUD -54,000 AUD
Well Pharmacy37,000 AUD -46,000 AUD
Ramsay Health Care69,000 AUD -82,000 AUD 
University of Sydney46,000 AUD  -54,000 AUD 
St Vincent’s Health Australia88,000 AUD -100,000 AUD 
St John of God Health Care73,000 AUD -85,000 AUD 
IQVIA82,000 AUD -98,000 AUD
Blackmores64,000 AUD -75,000 AUD
Slade Health73,000 AUD -87,000 AUD
Northern Sydney Local Health District82,000 AUD -98,000 AUD
Eucalyptus97,000 AUD-100,000 AUD 

Pharmacist Salary in Australia Based on Cities 

We shall examine the compensation environment and highlight the average salaries in Australia’s major cities in the chart below.

Pharmacist Salary in Australia

Pharmacist Salary in Australia Based on Positions 

There is a wide variety of jobs that go under the umbrella of pharmacist jobs in Australia, and each one is vital to the country’s healthcare system. 

Positions Average Salary Per Year 
Pharmacist108,110 AUD 
PIC107,692 AUD 
Hospital Pharmacist80,000 AUD 
Staff Pharmacist45,000 AUD 
Retail Pharmacist58,000 AUD 
Pharmacy Manager85,328 AUD 
Clinical Pharmacist 96,925 AUD 
Director of Pharmacy139,485 AUD 
Pharmacist in Charge 59.940 AUD 
Pharmacy Specialist88,942 AUD 
Staff Pharmacist123,423 AUD 

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How much do pharmacists earn in Australia per year?

In Australia, the average compensation for a pharmacist is $55.36 per hour, or $107,956 per year. Most experienced workers make up to $130,000 annually, while entry-level occupations start at $91,011 per year.

Is Australia in need of a pharmacist?

To meet this gap, Australia needs an additional 2448 full-time equivalent pharmacists.

Is pharmacy a good job in Australia?

For 150 years, pharmacy has been a prominent profession in Australia, with a high level of public trust.

Do pharmacists get PR in Australia?

Although the 494 VISA is valid for five years, interested pharmacists can apply after three years. Employer nominations are not required for pharmacists to be eligible. Pharmacists are permitted to remain and work in Australia permanently with a VISA.

This was all about pharmacist salaries in Australia in 2024. For more such articles on salary updates, follow Leverage Edu with our official Jobs Abroad Page. 

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