Hunt On High Paying Jobs In Luxembourg in 2024

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Jobs In Luxembourg

Luxembourg has vast plateaus, narrow valleys and rivers weaving throughout the land. Luxembourg is known as one of the wealthiest countries in the European Union. The average annual salary in Luxembourg is 3,65,433. Work in Luxembourg for expats in 2024 is a great opportunity to increase the budget significantly and enjoy the beauty of pure nature. The country has a stable and dynamic economy with various industrial, agricultural and financial sectors.in this article, we will dive into details related to jobs in Luxembourg like salary packages, working rules, high-paying jobs etc. 


Why Doing Jobs In Luxembourg

Working in Luxembourg is a golden opportunity, the economy is thriving and tax exemptions act as a most desired thing when someone looks to work abroad.  There are strict labour laws in Luxembourg with which employees get a handsome amount of salary along with a good work-life balance in Luxemburg. Although Luxembourg is the smallest country in the world, it is the largest financial hub. 

Are there any Part-Time Jobs in Luxembourg for Students?

Working Rules and Regulations in Luxembourg

The working environment, archival, and decision making is often rational.

Expats get attracted towards Luxembourg due to benefits like a low unemployment rate, minimal inflation and robust economic growth. its GDP per capita comes second only to Qatar. This success is due to its lenient tax laws.

  • Luxembourg maintains strict labour laws to protect employees, there people get paid well with a good work-life balance.
  • In Luxembourg, the working week is 40 hours, starting at 8 am to 9 am and ending at 5 pm or 6 pm, five days a week. Employees can arrange their working hours as they want because many companies have flexible hours.
  • Full-time employees are entitled to a minimum of 25 days of leave a year, excluding the 10 annual public holidays.

All these facilities are the reason for the expat attraction to work in Luxembourg. 

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Cost of living in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is expensive as we all know, the city of Luxembourg ranks 52 out of 227 cities. Life in Luxembourg is more expensive than in many other countries 23% more than in Spain, 40% in the Czech Republic and 10% more than in New Zealand.

Here is the cost of some basic amenities is given to get an idea-

  • Public transport is free in Luxembourg but for private ones, it is around 5 Euros.
  • Higher education costs in Luxemburg are 200 to 400 Euros.
  • The cost of food for a family of 2 in Luxemburg is 450 Euros.
  • Minor Health Care cost is 71 Euros.

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List of Highest Paying Jobs in?

Luxembourg’s robust telecom infrastructure, economic stability, and proximity to European financial centres make it appealing for high-paying jobs. A list of high-paying jobs in Luxembourg is given below-

Job RoleSalary In Euros
Bank Manager16,000
Programming And Web Development7000
Kindergarten Teacher63,975
Jobs In Luxembourg

Requirements for Jobs In Luxembourg

To get a job in Luxembourg there are some important requirements which are mentioned below so check all requirements and go ahead-

  • Language skills- One of the most important requirements is  to get work in Luxembourg

            You should have basic knowledge of German, Luxembourgish or French.

  • Visa Requirements- you get an extension of 12 months to work if you study in Luxembourg You should have a work permit visa to work in Luxembourg.

How To Find A Job In Luxembourg.

If you have studied in Luxembourg your chance of getting a job becomes high. To get a job in Luxembourg read the following steps.

  • You can apply for jobs in Luxembourg on online job portals.
  • By networking you can enhance your chances of getting a job in Luxembourg.
  • In language skills, you are required to have basic knowledge of German, French, or Luxembourgish.
  • You should have a work permit visa to work in Luxembourg. A resume is required.
  • Cover Letter is required.
  • You can apply directly on the company’s website also.
Jobs In Luxembourg


What jobs are in shortage in Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is facing a significant shortage of jobs in 24 specific sectors, such as banking, auditing, engineering education and many more.so people who are thinking of getting a job abroad this is the golden chance to get one.

Is Luxembourg easy to get a job?

The rate of unemployment in Luxembourg is 5.5% and throughout a long time, unemployment in Luxembourg has remained the same so this case serves as a reason to get a job in Luxembourg at ease.

Which jobs are in demand in Luxembourg?

As per the details we get via World Salaries, the in-demand-demand professions in Luxembourg are finance, IT, restaurant services and hospitality, legal consulting, healthcare and construction.

Here we end with our article about jobs in Luxembourg to get to know more about jobs, Universities, visas abroad etc follow the Leverage Edu page

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