Explore Best Countries to Work for Women

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Best Countries to Work for Women

The theme of International Women’s Day is empowering women, and what could be more inspiring than pursuing your passions and landing the job of your dreams? The number of ambitious women who have left their home country to take advantage of international job opportunities to establish their career opportunities.


Due to increased demand, better positions, and the increased value placed on their skills and qualifications, expat women are taking full advantage of opportunities Abroad.

While moving abroad in search of employment may seem like a tough but good idea, it can lead to many opportunities. You should think about a few things before starting your job search, like remuneration and striking a balance between work and life. If you’re wondering which nation is among the safest and finest places for women to work, you’re on the correct page. In this article, you can read in detail about the safest and Best Countries to Work for Women. 

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Tips To Choose the Best Countries to Work for Women 

The best countries for women to live in depend on a wide range of factors. Opportunities for professional, financial, and personal growth are among these features. Here we have mentioned a few reasons to choose the best countries to work for women.

  • Gender equality and pay parity: Women are unable to achieve professional success and fulfillment due to gender disparities, which are still present in many nations worldwide. When judging a country’s appeal to working women, gender equality is an essential prerequisite that must be met.
  • Policies regarding maternity and parental leave: Many women in the workforce hope to become parents at some point in their careers. Sadly, juggling mother responsibilities with professional goals can be challenging. Women still frequently lack the leave rights and assistance needed to successfully balance parenting and a career.
  • Special Leave for Women: Not many nations have put in place specific leave programs that allow women to take time off of work in cases of emergency, including domestic abuse. Therefore, it is evident that the nations that have granted women extra leave are unique.
  • Professional prospects and female leadership: While selecting the greatest nations for women to work in, job prospects and career chances should also be taken into account. However, counting the number of available jobs is not enough to assess a nation’s career prospects for women. Rather, it’s critical to evaluate the extent of gender prejudice in recruitment and hiring as well as the accessibility of available positions for female candidates.

Main Aspects to Consider to Choose a Country to Work 

When determining which nations are the greatest for women to work, factors like political empowerment, gender equality, and female leadership. However, there are a number of additional aspects that must be taken into account. Among them are:

Best Countries to Work for Women

List of Top 8 Best Countries to Work for Women

According to self-reported satisfaction and morale questionnaires completed by female expatriate workers, the following are some of the finest places for women to work:


The Nordic region is renowned for having some of the greatest places for women to reside. Only Iceland is behind Norway in the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap study. As a result, it is among the top 10 nations in which women can work overseas.

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Latvians, who are renowned for being foragers, have free access to fast wifi in the country’s capital, Riga. Additionally, the nation is well-known for its strong female entrepreneurship. About 40% of small enterprises in Latvia are run by women, and 10% of women between the ages of 18 and 64 are said to have launched their own company. 93.1 percent of pay equality, 97.5 percent of women in management, and 92.5 percent of good legislation are all related to pay equality. 

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Women’s jobs can benefit greatly from relocating to the sunny island of Malta. Approximately 60% of foreign-born women are content with their professional opportunities. A significant proportion of foreign-born women (17%) are employed in the financial industry. But Malta is a desirable location for women for reasons other than only the professional opportunities. Approximately 66% of female foreign workers in Malta express satisfaction with their job security, and a similar percentage express favorable feelings about their overall job satisfaction.

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It’s among the greatest places for women to work in Australia. Not only is the weather fantastic, but 64% of the women who responded to the study said they loved their employment. Because work-life balance is highly valued in the workplace, foreigners find they have ample free time to enjoy the sun and explore the locations where they work. It’s also common knowledge that women get extremely attractive salary packages.

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Women seeking a well-paying job may find Luxembourg to be an appealing choice. More than three-quarters of foreign women employed in Luxembourg (76%) make more money than they would in comparable roles at home. One of the best aspects about living in Luxembourg for a German woman expat is that her “job is well paid.” Perhaps because nearly three out of ten women (29%) work in the financial industry, female expats in Luxembourg enjoy excellent earnings.

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Compared to Norway, the top-ranked nation, the Netherlands scores 6.25 out of 10, which puts it in fourth place among the finest European nations for women to work in. This is a 13% difference. The Netherlands is a major player in gender equality, ranking second in Europe for the number of working women with an outstanding 9.4 out of 10, which is only surpassed by Iceland. Among the top five European countries for the 5-year rise in the number of women in leadership roles is The Netherlands. 

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Finland boasts a rich history of promoting women’s political empowerment. Finland was the first nation in history to permit women to hold elected office, having done so in 1906. To this day, women are still strongly included in politics in Finland. Finland has risen to third place in the 2023 Global Gender Gap Index mostly because of its long-standing gender parity in educational attainment, aside from its accomplishments in female empowerment in politics.

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Sweden is ranked as the fifth-best nation for gender equality in the Global Gender Gap Index for the years 2022 and 2023. The nation excels in many areas, including political empowerment. The nation sets the standard high, with women leading 47.8% of ministries and accounting for over half of all lawmakers.

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Other Top Countries for Women to Work 

There exist more nations that rank highly among the Best Countries for Women to Work in. The following are mentioned below: 

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Which is the best country to work for women?

Statistics show that countries and regions where women have more access to the labor tend to have the best economy in the world. For example, among the richest countries in the world, gender inequality is quite low in Iceland, Sweden, and Germany.

Which country is safe for working women?

For the previous two years, Norway has continuously held the top spot on the yearly peace index. Women in Norway are free to walk the city streets with confidence, day or night, and without having to worry about being afraid.

Which job is best for females?

List of Popular Career Options for Women and Qualifications Required
Registered Nurse  
Nurse Practitioner
Beauty and Wellness – Makeup Artist – Hair Stylist – Wellness Coach

What is the best country to move to as a woman?

According to rankings of the best countries for women, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Finland, and Luxembourg were at the top. The Central African Republic, Yemen, and Afghanistan were among the bottom three.

This is all about the Best Countries to work for women, if you want to read more such updated articles follow Leverage Edu 

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