Looking for Part-Time Jobs in Amsterdam? Here’s How You Can Earn That Extra Euro

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Part-Time Jobs in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is most likely on your list of the most well-liked study-abroad locations in the globe. It can be costly to study abroad, especially in a country like Amsterdam. One method to lessen the strain of high tuition costs, living expenses, and other extracurricular activities is to work part-time, either on or off campus. Let’s take a closer look at part-time jobs in Amsterdam.


Part-time Jobs in Amsterdam for International Students

The majority of international students prefer to work on campus rather than go out and look for jobs. One, it provides students with the relevant experience they seek, and two, it allows them to stay on campus comfortably and safely while earning money. If you would prefer to work off-campus, there are several possibilities available to you. In the section that follows, we’ll list them all for you.

Job RolesPer Hour Wages
Hotel receptionist€10
Sales associate€9-11
Research Assistant€9-11
Dog walker€10-15
Delivery driver€9-13
Research assistant€12-18

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Jobs in Amsterdam for English Speakers Only

One can easily find jobs in Amsterdam by just knowing English, the majority of jobs in Amsterdam need English speaking. There are several hundred open positions each day in Amsterdam that are available in English on the Internet. However, networking and physically visiting employers to inquire about job openings are alternative ways to find employment in Amsterdam. A few English-speaking jobs in Amsterdam for international students are

Job RolesPer Hour wages (in €)
Sale Associate€6-8
Full Kitchen Lead€14-50
Logistic Employee€12-25
Bicycle Courier€6-10
Waiter/ Waitress€12

Perks of Part-time Jobs in Amsterdam

There are several benefits to working while you are a student in Amsterdam, some of which are:

Networking and Meeting New People

When you attend a university abroad, you frequently socialise with and form relationships with other international students. Similarly, when you work part-time in a foreign nation (in this case, Amsterdam), you tend to form relationships with your coworkers, superiors, etc. and create a strong network that lasts a lot more time than you expect.

Aids in Improving Your Resume

Your profile improves and you become qualified for better positions and pay when your professional experience is shown on your resume. You may quickly improve your resume and transition to higher-paid employment by working in Amsterdam.

You Get Professional Experience

Working experience is just as crucial as academic study. Working teaches you to be disciplined, establishes a routine, and teaches you to be accountable and responsible. It also aids in self-discovery in terms of what you want to do versus what you enjoy doing. You can learn how to collaborate with others and solve issues without losing your cool by getting real-world experience.

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Part-Time Jobs in Amsterdam Eligibility

In order to be permitted to work part-time while learning in Amsterdam as a foreign student, you must meet specific eligibility requirements.

  • You will receive your BSN service number, which is a special number given to each Dutch citizen when you begin studying in Amsterdam.
  • A maximum of 16 hours may be worked each week as an international student employed part-time in Amsterdam. However, if you work for yourself as a freelancer, you can put in as many days as you choose.
  • If you wish to work and study in Amsterdam, you must purchase Dutch health insurance.
  • You must apply for and pay the fee for a “zoekjaar” (the time period you can use to apply for jobs and even educational possibilities in Amsterdam) after completing your studies. This time period may only be used once per study.
  • You must work for a company that is listed with Amsterdam’s immigration and naturalisation agency in order to be eligible for a work visa. Since you are not permitted to do it yourself, the employer will submit an application for the work visa on your behalf.

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International Student Work Permit in Amsterdam

There are two sorts of work permits that international students from non-European nations must have.

  1. Single Permit(GVVA) 
  2. Employment Permit (TWV)
  1. One-time/Single Permit

The Single Permit includes both an official residence document and a supplementary document. The supplemental documentation details which employers and under what conditions a foreigner may work for. The Single Permit is most advantageous to workers who are employed in Amsterdam for less than three months at a time and to students who have a residence permit for academic purposes.

  1. Employment Permit

This permit can be requested on behalf of a student by an employer. At least five weeks must pass before the employment begins in order to apply for this. If you have this employment permit, you are eligible to work up to 16 hours a week during the remaining months and full-time during the months of June, July, and August.

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Government Regulations for International Students

The following are the local laws that apply to foreign students in Amsterdam:

  • International students may be allowed to work part-time in Amsterdam with the proper work authorization. Depending on your country, the requirements for a work permit may differ, but generally speaking, you’ll need a valid visa and evidence that you’re enrolled in a full-time programme of study.
  • International students need a visa to study in Amsterdam, thus they must apply for one. Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa, but in general, you will need a passport, evidence of financial assistance, and a letter of admission from a university or college.
  • International students must demonstrate that they have the financial resources necessary to support themselves while enrolled in classes. An annual budget of 10,000 euro is normally needed.
  • In order to keep their visa status, international students must be engaged in a full-time programme of study. Twelve credits per semester are necessary to maintain full-time status.
  • In order to study and work in Amsterdam, international students must obtain health insurance. Depending on your country, different health insurance requirements apply; nonetheless, you will normally need insurance that covers hospitalisation, medical visits, and prescription medications.

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Things to Remember When Working in Amsterdam

Given below are the pointers to keep in mind to work in Amsterdam

  • International students are permitted to work in Amsterdam between 10 and 16 hours a week.
  • You can make up to 20 Euros per hour, or INR 1,700, working part-time as a student.
  • You can even think about taking a job on the university’s main campus as a lab assistant, teaching assistant, or library assistant.
  • It is fine if you are unfamiliar with the Dutch language. English is also a common language in Amsterdam.

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Is it easy to get a job in Amsterdam?

Getting a job in an overseas country is difficult, whether you came there for love or for work, but it is extremely feasible with the appropriate assistance. Amsterdam has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the EU.

How much can I earn in a part-time job in Amsterdam?

You can make as much as twenty Euro per hour, which is  INR 1,700, working part-time as a student.

Can I get a job in Amsterdam if I only speak English?

There are many jobs in Amsterdam that you may apply for without knowing any Dutch. However, the majority of jobs demand that you speak English.

This was all about part-time jobs in Amsterdam to reduce your financial burden. For more such information, visit us at Leverage Edu – Your Trusted Study-Abroad Expert.

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