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International Civil Aviation Organization

The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is a United Nations intergovernmental agency. It was established by the Convention on International Civil Aviation in the year 1947. In layman’s language, ICAO is dedicated to promoting the development and management of safe and civil aviation around the globe. In this way, the ICAO ensures that every state gets the chance to regulate its international airlines with no obstructions. Let us explore this topic a bit more and enhance our understanding. 

Name International Civil Aviation Organization
Formation 1947
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada 
Total members 193 

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Objectives of ICAO

There are five main objectives of ICAO which are as follows: 

  • It aims to enhance the safety measures related to global aviation.
  • A prominent ICAO objective is to reduce the detrimental effects of human aviation activities on the environment.
  • ICAO prioritizes the rapid development of air transport worldwide. 
  • Another important objective of ICAO is enhancing the security systems of aviation.  
  • ICAO also prioritizes increasing the capacity and efficiency of the global aviation system.

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International Civil Aviation Organization Structure

Let us now take a look at the ICAO structure to understand it better. 

The Assembly

  •  It refers to an assembly of delegates from all member countries that meet once every three years. 
  • During this meeting, the assembly lays down the rules which are required to be followed for the next three years. 
  • It also looks after electing 36 states that together make up the Council of the ICAO.

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The Council 

  • The Council of ICAO is equipped with the powers to adopt SARPs.
  • Interestingly, it operates through the Committees of the ICAO. 

Air Navigation Commission 

  • It is appointed by the ICAO Council.
  • The Air Navigation Commission addresses issues related to the technical field.  

Where is the Headquarters of ICAO?

The International Civil Aviation Organization headquarters is located in Montreal (Quebec), Canada.

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List of ICAO Members

The International Civil Aviation Organization has an extensive list of over 193 members which includes countries like:

What does the International Civil Aviation organization do?

As mentioned earlier, the ICAO was established in 1944 by the Chicago Convention. The primary aim behind its establishment was to foster rapid development of aviation across the globe. Moreover, the intergovernmental organization also sets up the basic regulations and standards that are necessary for the member states to adhere to. In this way, the ICAO ensures safety, security, efficiency, and environmental conservation.

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Is India an ICAO member?

Yes, India is in fact, one of the founding members of the International Civil Aviation Organization. It all started when India attended the Chicago Conference of 1944. 

Who is the CEO of ICAO?

The Council of the ICAO appoints the CEO. Today, Mr. Juan Carlos Salazar of Columbia is operating as the new Secretary General of the Organization for a period of three years. His tenure began on 1 August 2021. 

What is the difference between ICAO and IATA?

The basic difference between the IATA and ICAO is that the former extends its support to the airline industry. On the other hand, the latter, or the ICAO, provides standards and framework to ensure smooth and safe air transportation.

What is the purpose of ICAO?

In simple words, the purpose of ICAO is to establish international standards relating to civil aviation. It aims to make aviation one of the safest, most reliable, and most efficient modes of transportation by making rapid developments in the field. Additionally, it also aims to enhance cooperation and understanding among countries.

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