What is the IAAI full form?

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IAAI  full form

The IAAI  full form is the International Airports Authority of India (IAAI). It is a statutory body that is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and development of International airports in India. The public sector undertaking comes under the Ministry of Civil Aviation, GOI. The responsibility of IAAI includes the development of International airports in India modernization and expansion, and providing services such as air traffic control, airport management, and security. The IAAI  also regulates the air transport services in India. 

History of IAAI 

The International Airports Authority of India was formed as an autonomous institution under the International Airports Authority Act (1971).  The international airports (Delhi, Madras, Calcutta, and Bombay) were transferred to the IAAI on 1st April 1972. Later on, the Trivandrum airport was also transferred. In 1985, a similar requirement was felt, and as a result it the National Airports Authority (NAA) was established under the National Airports Authority of India Act (1985). Later on. The IAAI and NAA were merged to create the Airports Authority of India (AAI).

Who owns the airports?

In 2006, the AAI entered into 2 different agreements regarding the management of Delhi and Mumbai airports. Therefore, both airports are managed by Delhi International Airport Pvt Limited and the Mumbai International Airport Pvt Ltd. However, 26% of these companies are retained by the AAI and are run by private owners such as the GVK Group (Mumbai), and the GMR Group (Delhi). By 2018, 70% of the international passengers were coming from Delhi (26.4%), and Mumbai (21.5%)

What system is there for the licensing of airports?

The IAAI full form is the International Airports Authority of India. Rule 79 states that the license of the aerodrome is granted to the following:

  • An Indian citizen, or
  • company/corporate that is registered and has its main business in India. The company must also meet the equity holding criteria as mentioned by the central government.
  • The central or state government or a company owned or managed by them,
  • A registered society under the  Societies Registration Act (1860)

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The IAAI full forms can be used for several other things. These are listed below:

TermCategoryFull Form
IAAIRegional OrganizationsIata Agents Association Of India
IAAIProfessional AssociationsIndependent Accountants Association Of Illinois
IAAIInsuranceInsurance Auto Auctions Inc
IAAIJournals & PublicationsInternational Archives Of Allergy And Immunology

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