📍About Statue of Unity: Height, Cost of Construction, Location and More

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Statue of Unity: About, Height, Cost of Construction

Intrigued by the most famous and tallest statue in the world? We are sure that you would want to know the Statue of Unity height, how it was constructed and much more. Well, you have landed on the right page. Today, we will talk about the Statue of Unity height, how it was constructed and all the information about the tallest statue. So, do give this blog a read and help yourself with all the information about this topic.

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About Statue of Unity

Source: India TV News

The Statue of Unity honours Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, often known as the Iron Man of India, and is situated around two hours from Vadodara. With a commanding view of the Sardar Sarovar Dam, it is proudly positioned on Sandhu Bet Island.

The monument was erected as a tribute to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the country’s first home minister after independence. He was in charge of bringing the nation’s 562 princely republics together to form the Republic of India.

The enormous monument, which is an homage to India “from the people of Gujarat” to the leader who prioritised the well-being of the populace, rises over the Narmada River. The expansive Sardar Sarovar dam and the Narmada River’s river basin are seen from the Statue of Unity. Situated atop the Sadhu Bet mountain, the statue can be accessed from the mainland by a 300-meter bridge.

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Statue of Unity: Height

With a height of 597 feet, above the earth, the Statue of Unity was constructed as a representation of India’s technical and engineering might.

The Statue of Unity is 40 per cent taller than the Buddha of the Spring Temple in China and twice the size of the Statue of Liberty in the United States.

The Statue of Unity’s height was determined to be 182 metres in order to correspond with the entire number of democratic assembly seats in the state of Gujarat.

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Statue of Unity: Cost of Construction

The construction of the Statue of Unity began in 2014 and was finished in 3.5 years.

A team of more than 300 engineers and 3,400 labourers used 70,000 tonnes of cement, about 25,000 tonnes of steel, and 12,000 bronze panels, totalling around 1,700 tonnes, to build the structure.

Almost 100 million Indian farmers contributed over 129 tonnes of scrap iron to build the Statue of Unity’s base.

As for the cost of construction, nearly Rs. 3,000 crore were spent on this project.

Here is a small video that shows how the Statue of Unity was built in a span of 3.5 years.

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What is the income of Statue of Unity per day?

More than 8,700 people visit the world’s tallest statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel which is stuated near the Sardar Sarovar Dam in Kevadia Colony, bringing in an average of Rs 20, 81 lakh a day for the trust.

What is th height of the Statue of Unity?

The height of the Statue of Unity is 597 feet.

What was the cost of construction for the Statue of Unity?

The Sattue of Unity’s construction costed around Rs 3,000 crores.

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