Indian Newspaper Day 2024: Date, History, Theme, Significance

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Indian Newspaper Day 2024

Every year, India celebrates 29 January as Indian Newspaper Day. This day has been dedicated to commemorate the day when James Augustus Hicky, an Irishman, launched the first printed newspaper in India. It was called Hicky’s Bengal Gazette or the Original Calcutta General Advertiser. Therefore, India has dedicated a day to honour the beginning of this English-language weekly publication. In this blog, we will explore the history and significance of this in India. Let’s get started. 

Name of the dayIndian Newspaper Day
Observed on 29 January 
Year 1780
Reason On this day in 1780, Hicky began the publishing of Bengal Gazette, India’s and Asia’s first printed newspaper.
Aim To honor the day when Hicky printed the first newspaper in India and highlight its importance in our lives. 

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History of Indian Newspaper Day

Before moving on, let’s learn about the history of Indian Newspaper Day. 

  • The history of Indian Newspaper Day is linked with the publication of the first weekly newspaper in India, Hickey’s Bengal Gazette.
  • Hicky printed the first Indian newspaper on January 29, 1780, in Kolkata, the country’s capital during that time. 
  • Being the writer, editor, and publisher of the Bengal Gazette, Hickey covered everything from common issues to important political and social events. Moreover, he also used his weekly publication to criticize the government, its policies, and corrupt officials. 
Indian Newspaper Day
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Indian Newspaper Day 2024 Theme

This day does not have any theme. It is celebrated just to honour Hickey’s contribution to the Indian Newspaper. It is also celebrated to recognize the work of journalists, writers, news anchors, news agencies, and new channels for their inputs in the Indian Newspaper.


Indian Newspaper Day holds great significance for the people of India for numerous reasons such as:

  • The day honors the essential role of newspapers in shaping public opinion and raising awareness about certain issues.
  • It also puts forward the importance of a free press in society. 
  • Newspaper Day also highlights the importance of journalists in our society in increasing transparency and advocating freedom of speech. 
  • With the advent of newspaper publishing in India, even children are exposed to different issues of the world which increase their analytical thinking and communication skills

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5 Quotes on Indian Newspaper Day 

The newspaper is a great educator. It brings us the news of the world, it stimulates our thoughts, and it broadens our knowledge.

Mahatma Gandhi

Without newspapers, no society can ever be informed and enlightened.

Jawaharlal Nehru

The role of newspapers is to bring people together by sharing information and stories.

Helen Keller

The true voice of the people lives in the newspapers. –

Sarojini Naidu

Let newspapers continue to inform and inspire us.

R. K. Laxman

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Why is Indian Newspaper Day celebrated on 29th January?

In India, the Newspaper Day is celebrated every year on 29 January. This day commemorates the origin of the first Indian Newspaper, Hickey’s Bengal Gazette, which happened on January 29, 1780. It is also known as the Calcutta General Advertiser and was the first weekly newspaper. 

What is the first newspaper of India?

Hickey’s Bengal Gazette was the first newspaper of India which was printed on 29 January 1780. 

What is special on 29th January in India?

In India, 29 January holds a special place among other important days and dates. On this day in 1780, Hickey’s Bengal Gazette started its publications which also commenced printed newspapers in India. To commemorate this historical event, India celebrates Indian Newspaper Day every year on 29 January. 

This was all about the Indian Newspaper Day. For more such articles, make sure to check the trending events page of Leverage Edu.

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