Philanthropy Meaning, Examples, Top Philanthropists

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Philanthropy Meaning

Philanthropy in simple words means generosity. Philanthropy refers to the act of donating to a charity on a large scale. Many great personalities in the world belonging to different sectors donate money for the betterment of the world. Such people are referred to as philanthropists. The act of charitable donation for the improvement of humanity is a noble process. Many people now pursue philanthropy as a career because the motive of their life is to serve humanity. Stay tuned and read this article to learn more about philanthropy meaning, and get a list of the top 10 philanthropists in the world.

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Philanthropy Meaning in English

Philanthropy means the desire to promote the welfare of others. Any good thing whether volunteering or charitable donations done by an individual or an organization for the welfare of humanity or for society is referred is considered philanthropic. 

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Wealthy individuals especially business tycoons establish private foundations or donate to public foundations to support needy people. They donate a major part of their wealth to the growth and development of underprivileged or needy people. Various non-profit organizations are also there that support social issues such as public safety, health, education, human rights, etc and help the victims. 

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List of Top 10 Philanthropists in the World

Here is the list of the top 10 philanthropists in the world who donated a huge amount of money to charity for the betterment of the world:

  1. Bill Gates
  2. Warren Buffett
  3. George Soros
  4. Mark Zuckerberg
  5. Michael Bloomberg
  6. Andrew Carnegie
  7. Azim Premji
  8. John D. Rockefeller
  9. Chuck Feeney
  10. Melinda French Gates

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Q1. Who is the father of philanthropy?

A. George Peabody (1795-1869) is known as the father of modern philanthropy and is the first American philanthropist who donated his wealth and is known for charitable giving.

Q2. What is the full meaning of philanthropist?

A. A philanthropist is an optimistic person who serves for the benefit of the world. People who give their heart, time, and money for humanity is known as a philanthropist. The word philanthropist is derived from the Greek word “Philos” means love and “anthros” means humans. So philanthropists are referred to as “lovers of humanity”.

Q3. Is philanthropist a profession?

A. Yes, Philanthropist is a profession. Any professional who devotes his skills, time, money, and heart to the betterment of mankind is known as a philanthropist.

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