What is the Full Form of WSDL?

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WSDL full form

The full form of WSDL is Web Services Description Language. This was developed by IBM and Microsoft and it was recommended on 26 June 2007 by the W3C. This language is the XML-based file that is designed to describe web services. The WSDL is used to provide every necessary information to the client that they require to connect to web service. The details would eventually help them to use all the functionalities that the web service provides. Read this article to learn more about WSDL full form, its characteristics, documents, advantages, and disadvantages!

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Characteristics Of WSDL 

  • The main purpose of WSDL is to specify the operations and web services performed and the ways to access them.
  • WSDL is platform-independent.
  • It is a decentralised and distributed systems information-sharing protocol built on the XML standard. 
  • It is a language that specifies the requirements for an XML-oriented service interface. 
  • WSDL is a vital component of UDDI (Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration) and it also works with the SOAP domain.
  • It can establish input, output, and fault messages in the web service, as well as a given endpoint. 

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WSDL Documents

Source: TechnoTrix

A WSDL document is used to describe a particular web service to the client. Given below are some of the important elements that are used to specify the methods and location of service: 

  • <types>
  • <messages> 
  • <binding> 
  • <portType> 

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  • WSDL provides a systematic approach to defining web services. 
  • It is used to reduce the total LOC which is necessary to access the web services. 
  • Users can update WSDL dynamically which allows the users to upgrade to new patterns without any difficulty.
  • Its file is written in old XML so it is readable by all programming languages.

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  • Single-mode (one-way) messaging is restricted as it requires both input and output. 
  • WSDL does not allow overload functionality.
  • It cannot include more than one file i.e. cannot have more than one <wsdl:include> element. 
  • It does not support output mapping. 
  • WSDL does not support SOAP-encoded arrays and structures.

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