21 Interesting Facts About Bangalore That Will Woo You

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Interesting Facts About Bangalore

Long traffic hours, but lesser than Mumbai and more than Delhi, is the exact definition of Bangalore. Kidding! In the past few years, Bangalore has grown significantly in terms of jobs and population. This city has become a place that needs no introduction now, especially after earning the title of being the “Silicon Valley of India”. Did you know Bangalore was the capital of Mysore until Karnataka was formed in 1956? In this article, you will learn some more interesting facts about Bangalore. 

Facts About Bangalore

Here are the amazing facts about Bangalore that will make you feel closer to the city than ever before. 

  1. Bengaluru invented Rava Idli, a popular South Indian dish, during World War 2 due to rice shortage.
  1. It was the first Indian city to receive electricity in 1906.
  1. There are debates about the origin of its name, with some suggesting it means “city of guards” or “land of boiled beans.”
  1. Bengaluru has a long military history and houses some of India’s oldest army regiments, like the Madras Sappers.
  1. It’s known as the “pub capital of Asia” with an amazing nightlife and microbrewery scene.
  1. Beyond IT, Bengaluru is also India’s biotech capital with nearly half the country’s biotech companies.
  1. This cosmopolitan city has a rich cultural diversity with a significant Kannadiga population alongside other Indian communities and Europeans.
  1. Bengaluru enjoys pleasant weather year-round due to its high altitude (above sea level).
  1. Lalbagh Botanical Garden in Banglore has an ancient rock formation dating back billions of years.
  1. Victoria Hospital, named after Queen Victoria, is one of the city’s oldest and most respected hospitals.
  1. The old Bengaluru airport was unique – it was the only one with commercial and military flights sharing a runway.
  1. The Bangalore Torpedo, a deadly explosive used in both World Wars, was invented in Bangalore. 
  1. Shivanasamudram Dam, Asia’s first hydroelectric station, is Bengaluru’s main water source.
Shivanasamudram Dam | Source- Team BHP
  1. Bengaluru holds the title of India’s IT capital, with the most software companies in the country.
  1. Bugle Rock, a massive rock formation, was one of four watchtowers marking the city’s old boundaries.
  1. The Mughal Empire briefly captured Bengaluru but sold it to the Mysore Kingdom.
  1. Coins from Roman emperors found in Bengaluru suggest its involvement in global trade centuries ago.
  1. Bengaluru earned the nickname “Garden City of India” in 1927 due to a city beautification project.
  1. The Indian Institute of Cartoonists established India’s first cartoon gallery in Bengaluru.
  1. The Kempegowda bus stand was once an artificial lake that later became a social gathering spot.
  1. The longest bus route in India runs from Bengaluru to Jodhpur, Rajasthan, covering 1935 km.


What makes Bangalore so special?

It is special because of the “Silicon Valley of India.” Moreover, it is also well known for its natural charm because of the greenery around the city. 

What is Bangalore famous for?

Bangalore is very known for being at the top of IT hubs in India. It employs a lot of people every year. 

What food is famous in Bangalore?

Bangalore is in South India, making Idli, and Dosa the ultimate food of Bangalore. 

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