Bharatanatyam is the Dance Of Which State?

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Let’s answer one of the most asked questions by a lot of people “Bharatanatyam is the Dance Form Of Which State?” One of the most well-known and often performed classical dance styles in India is Bharatanatyam. It is renowned for its intricate patterns and expressions and is the popular folk dance of Tamil Nadu, India. It originated around 2000 years ago. The mother of many other Indian classical dance forms, Bharatanatyam is a prominent type of Indian classical dance.


Bharatnatyam, one of the oldest Indian classical dances, is renowned for its unmatched grace. Additionally, it is among the most difficult classical dances in the world. A Bharatnatyam dancer studies not just the moves of the dance but also the rituals that go along with it, some of which are listed below.

  • utilising cones or sticks of incense
  • before the performance, prayer
  • Holy water is sprinkled.

The Bharatnatyam dance incorporates many different elements, such as facial emotions, hand and foot gestures, and a profound awareness of musical rhythm. Overall, years of instruction and practice are necessary to master this dancing style.

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The Bharatnatyam dance style incorporates a number of Natya Shastra concepts. ‘Bharatnatyam’ refers to and denotes the following:

  • ‘Bha’ stands for ‘Bhava,’ which is an emotion.
  • Raaga, which means music, is referred to as Ra.
  • Ta stands for rhythm or tal.
  • Natyam is Sanskrit for dance.

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The Bharatnatyam dancers dress in the most magnificent costumes. Typically, it comprises an eye-catching sari with border zari embroidery. The dancers’ bottoms are either a skirt or salwar-style pants. The Bharatnatyam costume is similar to a traditional Tamil wedding gown.

Male Bharatnatyam dancers wear different attire than female dancers. The Bharatnatyam costume for men comprises solely of bottoms, leaving the upper body uncovered. Male dancers wear a material that resembles a dhoti for their bottoms.

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The popular 3 principles of the Bharatanatyam dance are:

  • It is an introductory act that seeks to engage the senses of the audience, according to Nritta (Nirutham). It does not tell a story and has no interpretive value.
  • Nritya (Niruthiyam): By expressing a myth or a spiritual message, this segment of Bharatanatyam aims to attract the audience’s emotions and ideas. In this instance, the dance-acting is expanded to include the silent articulation of words using body language and movement timed to musical notes.
  • It is a combination of Natya and Nritta’s dance movements. The Natya is a dramatic portrayal in Bharatnatyam that features distinctively rhythmic movement and a dramatic display of emotion.

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