What is the Full Form of VLTD?

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VLTD Full Form

The full form of VLTD is Vehicle Location Tracking Device. It is a tracking device that tracks the location of public service vehicles such as buses and taxis through IRNSS. The VLTD guarantees public safety. Moreover, it is a National Transport Mission Mode Project and a National E-Transport, National Informatics Centre Initiative by the Government of India. Along with the VLTD, vehicles need to have an Emergency Panic Button to be used as and when the need arises. Furthermore, the VLTD and panic button ensures a sense of safety as well as accountability and responsibility among vehicle operators and owners. 

How Does VLTD Work?

There are 33 VLTD Manufacturers. The VLTD manufacturers work through this process:

  • The VLTD manufacturers that are authorized to make the devices approach the Testing Agency for approval of new models. 
  • The Approval Agencies are the Automotive Research Association of India(ARAI) and the International Centre for Automotive Technology(ICAT). 
  • After the approval of the VLTD (vehicle model specific) by the Testing Agency, the manufacturers upload the Certificates and Device Information.
  • Moreover, then the manufacturer uploads the inventory of the VLTD.
  • Thereafter, the linking of VLTDs with public service vehicles (Vahan 4.0) by the authorized manufacturer during the Installation of the devices.
  • Thus, after the VLTD has been installed the RTO authorities approve it. 
  • Furthermore, the price of a VLTD along with the Panic button can range from Rs. 7000 to 15,000, depending on the vehicle model. 
  • The movement history of the vehicle as well as the live location can be tracked through our smartphones.

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What is the Procedure of VLTD?

The general procedure of VLTD might look something like this:

1. First, authorized manufacturers approach the Testing Agency for Type Approval of new models.

2. Next, the Type Approval of VLTD is specified by the Testing Agency.

3. The manufacturer now has to upload certificates (TAC/COP) and other Device-related information.

4. RTO authorities grant the approval after the fitment of devices.

5. Next comes the linking of VLTD with public service vehicles by the specific dealer or manufacturer. This happens during the installation stage.

6. Lastly, the manufacturers upload the Live Inventory of VLTD.

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