What is the Full Form of XML?

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XML full form

The term ‘XML’ stands for Extensible Markup Language. It was released in the late 1990s and on February 10, 1998, it was recommended by W3C. It is a markup language designed to store and transport data in a way that is manageable by both skilled humans and machines. Several instructions are available for encoding texts in that specific format. Both channels and languages are unimportant. The main goal of its attraction is Usability, Simplicity, and Generality. 

Qualities of XML

  • Using XML’s structured format, we may choose how to arrange the data in a file. You can arrange and place any type of information however you choose
  • If you are familiar with HTML, you can detect XML without any difficulty because it has a much more defined format and seems like the regular text to you
  • Verification takes into account your capacity to describe the specifics of how the XML data file should be structured into another XML file if your data must comply to a particular structure
  • For information on the appropriate data type to import, the application may seek up the schema’s definition

Advantages of XML

  • XML is simple to read and write. The typical individual can understand XML
  • Maintaining backward and forward compatibility can happen so quickly
  • Due to the fact that there is just one global standard, XML is easily compatible with any language
  • Platform independence shows that technological barriers may shift
  • Updates will be incremental in XML

Limitations of XML

  • It can be difficult to implement namespace support correctly in an XML parser
  • XML becomes difficult when you attempt to manually arrange a lot of information
  • The formatting of the data takes much longer than using JSON
  • Node relation in XML necessitates additional labor
  • XML promotes a non-relational database

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