What is the Full Form of CITU? 

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CITU full form

The full form of CITU is the Centre of Indian Trade Unions. This union has a prominent presence in Kerala, West Bengal and Tripura and works as a trade union wing of the communist party. It also has a slight influence in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. It works as a representative of workers across all industries including manufacturing and services industries in fields like textile, steel, pharma, electricity, coal, road, rail, etc. 

Goals of CITU 

CITU Lays emphasis on Socialism and believes that fact the exploitation of workers can be prevented if the factors of production like distribution and exchange are socialised, creating a socialist state. Hence, the main objective of CITU is to take steps in order to safeguard the freedom of workers and prevent any interference with the social and economic rights of workers. 

Various Posts in CITU

Following are the various types of posts in CITU:

  • Chairperson
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Treasure
  • Secretaries

Divisions of CITU  

Mentioned below are the divisions of CITU:

  • The General Council or Working Committee
  • The general council
  • The Affiliated Unions
  • The State Conference, The state councils and the state committees
  • At the special session of the CITU Conference, the delegates gathered together

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Roles and Responsibilities of the CITU Conference 

 The general session of CITU which is regarded as the CITU conference is held once every three years. It is CITU’s primary law of authority and has various roles and responsibilities which are mentioned below: 

  • Adopting policies of CITU and making changes in the CITU’s policies as per the interests of the working class.  
  • As per the concerns put forward by the state committees and constituent organisations provide resolution of the issues affecting the development of the working class.
  • Providing assistance in the decisions related to union membership and disaffiliation.
  • Responsible for holding elections for the office holders and general council.
  • Alter or update the current constitution as per necessity.
  • Once the verified statement of accounts has been analysed and accepted, decisions are made according to the CITU constitution. 

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