What is the Full Form of HOTEL?

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The full form of a HOTEL is a Hospitality Organisation for Tourism Entertainment and lodging. It refers to a place where travelers can stay and rest for a particular duration of time. This word came from the French word hôtel which refers to a large townhouse or mansion used to accommodate guests. In contemporary modern times, travel enthusiasts can find a wide variety of hotels ranging from traditional small ones to modern luxurious rooms. 

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Characteristics of A Good HOTEL

When it comes to finding a good and reliable hotel for your next Staycation or family trip, you will be amazed by the availability of diverse options. However, there are a few characteristics, commonly found in a good and reliable hotel. Here is what you need to know:

  • Location: The first and foremost thing to consider while booking a hotel is its location. It is near to the airport? Can you easily access the supermarket, restaurants, and medical stores? Reputable hotels are always in the heart of the city to offer a good view of picturesque locations and give you an idea of the city’s hustle and bustle. 
  • Easy booking: Booking a hotel should be a piece of cake. Whether you are doing it on a phone call, through the website, or by physically visiting the hotel, it should be done easily and swiftly. 
  • On-site services: Good hotels often try to provide the best of both worlds by offering a bunch of on-site services. This includes a social lobby, wifi, bar service, gym, swimming pool, and so on. These services not only give the hotel extra brownie points but make it more enjoyable for visitors as well. 
  • Customer service: Quality customer service is another thing to consider. The hotel staff should assist you from the moment you step into the hotel to the moment you decide to leave. Loyal customer service ensures that your stay is a delightful one. 

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