What is the Full Form of UKVI?

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The full form of UKVI is UK Visa and Immigration. It is the department that deals with the United Kingdom’s Visa and Immigration process and system formed in April 2013. The UKVI plays an important role when it comes to processing visa applications, managing immigration enforcement, and making decisions related to immigration-related queries. The UKVI looks after the integrity and security of the country’s borders by controlling and managing the entry of individuals into the UK for any purpose. 

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What is the Role of UKVI?

The role of UKVI is to control and regulate the entry of individuals into the UK and also:

  • UK Visa Processing
  • Manages applications from foreign nationals seeking to work or visit the UK
  • Manages applications from businesses and educational organizations aspiring to become sponsors for foreign nationals
  • Manages applications from foreign nationals who are seeking protection or British citizenship (PR)
  • Addresses pleas of people who have been denied Visas.

After Brexit, UKVI’s role has expanded, it has implemented a new UK points-based immigration system

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Why Does UKVI Require English Language Proficiency?

The UKVI requires English language proficiency so as to ensure that individuals applying for visas or settlements in the UK can effectively communicate and merge into the English-speaking environment and facilitate effective communication in various settings like education, work, and daily life. The level of English proficiency depends on the Visa category. 

IELTS for UKVI is a government-approved Secure English Language Test (SELT) and is available in General and Academic Training versions. The General training version is suitable for those applying for certain visa categories like Skilled Worker Visa, whereas the Academic version is for individuals who wish to study at the undergraduate or postgraduate level in the UK

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