What is the Full Form of MRTS?

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The Full Form of MRTS is the Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution. MRTS measures the rate at which the input of an old product can be replaced by another product while keeping the level of output constant. In simpler terms, it reflects the efficiency with which a firm can substitute one factor of production for another without affecting the overall production. However, there is another Full Form of MRTS in Transportation which is the Mass Rapid Transit/Transport System. Read on to learn more about both!

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MRTS Full Form in Economic Theory

MRTS Full Form in the realm of economic theory means Marginal Rate of Technical Substitution. MRTS is a fundamental concept. Additionally, MRTS helps economists and policymakers make informed decisions about resource allocation and production strategies. Moreover, the MRTS assists in determining the most cost-effective and efficient mix of inputs thus making sure that resources are utilised optimally to maximise output. Hence by understanding the trade-offs between different factors of production, economists can provide valuable insights into improving efficiency and reducing costs in various industries.

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MRTS Full Form in Transportation

MRTS Full Form in the world of Transportation means Mass Rapid Transit/Transport System. This abbreviation is commonly used to describe urban public transportation systems that provide efficient and rapid transit services to large populations. Furthermore, MRTS includes numerous modes of transit, such as subways, light rail, and commuter trains which are designed to move a significant number of people swiftly within urban areas. Thus, MRTS contributes to reducing traffic congestion, lowering environmental impact, and improving overall mobility in densely populated regions.

Fun Fact: MRTS (Mass Rapid Transit System) in the Tokyo subway system in Japan has a unique feature called “Oshiya” or “Pushers.” During rush hours, when trains are packed to maximum capacity there are uniformed personnel known as “pushers” that are employed to literally push people into the trains! 

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