What is the Full Form of IYKYK?

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The IYKYK full form is “If you know you know.” It is used to denote an inside joke or an allusion to something that only a small group of individuals are aware of and comprehend after an observation or other piece of material. Typically, this is done without giving any more details.

In texts and social media posts, the acronym IYKYK is used frequently as the hashtag #iykyk. Even though it’s shortened, the entire phrase is frequently read aloud. Moreover, it may be combined with inside jokes, innuendos, cryptic allusions, memes, innocent-looking images, and a wide range of additional content aimed at those who get the joke or allusion being made.

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Meaning of IYKYK

When discussing an event that you could only understand if you were present, this common expression is used. It can also be used to describe something that can only be understood if you have personally gone through it.

What is an Example of Iykyk?

Here are a few IYKYK examples to help you understand better:

  • “Last night’s celebration was crazy! Iykyk.”
  • “Taking care of a younger sibling is difficult. Iykyk.”
  • A waiter once said, “Working as a waiter can be extremely difficult iykyk.”

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History Behind IYKYK

Contrary to many online slang expressions that we discuss on this website, “IYKYK” is a relatively new phrase. It began showing up in social media posts early that year, and a few years later, it became a well-known acronym.

The 2018 song “If You Know You Know” by American rapper Pusha T served as one of the catalysts that brought the term into the public eye. Because of a rapidly expanding TikTok hashtag, where users would create films for certain audiences, IYKYK gained even more traction in 2020. Early in 2020, Google Trends recorded the term’s peak.

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