What is the Full Form of CHC?

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CHC full form

The full form of CHC is Community Health Centre. CHCs are for-profit, private companies that provide healthcare services in response to input and influence from patients. People who are medically uninsured, underinsured, or have lower incomes are often given primary and preventative care by CHCs. For people in the area without access to primary healthcare, community health centres also offer basic healthcare services. Policlinics are the term for primary healthcare facilities in central and Eastern Europe.

Importance of CHC 

  • By providing medical attention to regional people, a network of general practitioners and nurses aids CHC.
  • Family practice and dental services are among the crucial services provided by CHCs. However, some medical facilities have increased the range of services they provide, including paediatric, internal, women’s health, pharmacy, birth control, optometry, laboratory testing, and more.
  • CHCs have quite different objectives than traditional medical clinics.
  • CHCs offer services that are inclusive, integrated, and accessible to their target audience through some other group programming.
  • Only community people are involved in programme formulation and effective management; public health centres are accountable to the groups they represent.

Purpose of Comunity Health Center 

The main purpose of Comunity Health Center is to execution of family welfare initiatives and national health programmes, the prevention and management of endemic diseases, basic sanitation, immunisation, etc. are all vital tasks carried out by community health centres. The Community Health Centres (CHCs), which make up the second level of healthcare, were created to offer rural people referral and specialised medical care. Early in 2007, the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) initially published Indian Public Health Standards (IPHS) for CHCs.

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5 Concepts of Community Health

The model identifies five dimensions of community health that are (overlapping and intertwined):

  1. Economic stability, 
  2. Neighbourhood and environment, 
  3. Education, 
  4. Food, social context and culture, and 
  5. Policies and institutions. The community’s health results are influenced by every component of community health.

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