After Brexit, UK open to more Indian students

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UK open to more Indian students After Brexit
According to the British High Commission, there has been an increase in the number of Indian students enrolled in the UK universities since 2019.

Vice-chancellor of Loughborough University Prof Nick Jennings told Financial Express that while the UK may appear disconnected from the world due to Brexit, it is attracting a huge number of international students, particularly from India and China.

More than 92,000 UK student visas were awarded to Indian students till 2022, showing a huge growth of more than 350% in 2019. The British High Commission in June 2022 revealed that the UK issued 117,965 sponsored study visas to Indian students in just one year till June 2022, which was an increase of almost 200% compared to 2019 when only 37,396 sponsored study visas were issued. Chinese students were also issued 115,056 study visas to study in the UK. 

Jennings said that India and the UK have close cultural and historic ties, in addition to the large number of Indian immigrants in the UK. He added that UK companies and universities are looking to expand their collaborations with India.

He also said that the world has numerous shared challenges and India has set strong leadership and a clear vision to address these challenges.

This is how the UK can collaborate with Indian partners and industry to provide Indian graduates with skills required to make a difference to their country and society. 

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