What is the Full Form of GMC?

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full form of GMC

The full form of GMC is Group Medical Coverage. People often take medical insurance to protect their financial well-being and to get access to healthcare services properly. Companies offer medical insurance to their employees for their safety and financial benefits and one such insurance is known as GMC (Group Medical Coverage) to take care of their medical expenses. GMC is also referred to as employee or corporate medical insurance as the company pays the entire premium of GMC which is more affordable than investing in a single health insurance. Continue reading this article to get further details on the full form of GMC!

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What is GMC?

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GMC stands for Group Medical Coverage. It is a type of corporate insurance which the company purchases for the group. In other words, it is basically a group coverage plan for a set of people belonging to a company. 

These insurance plans provide health insurance to the people covered under the plan and the main benefit of this plan is that it could be customized according to the company’s requirements. Another benefit of this plan is that it is cheaper than purchasing an individual insurance plan

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Other Full Forms of GMC 

Here is the list of some other full forms of GMC:

  • General Medical Council
  • Global Motion Compensation
  • General Motors Company
  • Google Mobile Conversion
  • Genetically Modified Crop
  • Global Marine Communication

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